A Look Back On 2016 | My Favourites Posts

I was browsing the blog the other day and ran into some of my favourite ones that I did this year. I thought, since we are ending our 3rd year on the blog, that I would look back and countdown my 5 favourites posts to bring in year 4 of the blog, 2017. I wanted to pick posts that I am not only proud of but that are still useful, pertinent and entertaining as you read this or a place you can go back to for some information.

Here we go, let’s start the countdown

#5: Makeup Trends That Make Me Say “Nope”

My opinion only, but I like these kinds of posts sometimes to see and talk about something different.


#4: Where has Nat Been (March 13, 2016)

A big part of my life, my daughter born premature and had pre-eclampsia. Sharing my story, I hope that I can help 1 woman or help them realize you are not alone and not less of a woman for not having gone to term.

leia march 29_1

#3: Nat’s Disappointing Products 2016 (Dec 11, 2106)

Unless I change my mind (probably not), my opinion on these products can be useful any time! I like reading these to see what I should avoid.


#2: Reptilian Dry Winter Skin Troubles?? (January 14, 2016)

Winter is here, dry skin is here, the wind is here… brrr. These are tips that can work regardless of the year and that can help you beat dry skin!


#1: First Trip at Sephora?? (January 13, 2016)

Looks like I started the year on the right foot in 2016, cause my top 2 posts where from the the beginning of the year! I still think that this is something that if you are new to makeup or to Sephora (no matter how old you are), you can read and have a place to start.



Decluttering Series (Aug-Dec 2016)

OK, I know, I am already cheating but this is MY countdown lol. I am very proud of this series, it was tons of work. Not only to declutter, but to take pictures of all the items, and then do the posts. It took a long time. The lipsticks were by far the longuest posts to do and probably why they were posted last.

This was a 16 Part series that ran from Aug-Dec 2016 to declutter my entire makeup collection. I split it into parts, by products that made sense together. Check out the series HERE, the fruit of my labour 🙂


Hopefully 2017 will be filled with great things and wonderful posts 🙂






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