Sheena’s December 2016 Favourites 


I love December. The holidays make the entire month feel so exciting. This year was extra special because it was my daughters first Christmas 🙂 I love that little meatball so much! She’s seriously adorable. December also provides lots of reasons to get all dolled up. Between the Party season and my project pan I’ve been using makeup on the regular again. Here’s a few of my stand out products for December.

Lorac Pro 3

This beauty was a gift from my husband for Christmas. Not only is it totally a “Sheena” palette but it’s extra special to me since he had to conspire with Nat and her husband to get it! This beauty is my first Lorac Pro product and it totally lives up to the hype in terms of quality. Or course the very nude colour selection isn’t for everyone but I absolutely love it.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 


This is my special occasion foundation. I’ve been using it for events where I want a little more coverage and need my foundation to last. Since I purchased it earlier in the year it has consistently met my demands. It’s a solid medium coverage with a natural finish. I’ve come to think of it as a reliable no frills foundation. I love that because it means if I want glow, I can add glow. If I want matte, I can make it more matte. I don’t need a new foundation to achieve different looks or textures. This has been a worthy investment.

La Neige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Mask


This mask is a part of my Project Pan. It’s half done! I’ve been getting to it about twice a week and I feel that it’s giving my skin a nice hydration boost during a time of year where I really need it! I won’t purchase the full size since La Neige is not cruelty-free but I will be on the hunt for an equivalent!

Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti Age Cream


Jouviance has the weirdest marketing. They’re website and packaging is so unclear regarding how to use their products. I use this as an eye cream. The packaging describes its as a face and eye serum. The name describes it as a cream. I got another one of these as a part of a kit from Jouviance oh so long ago and the kit recommended using this under the eye and then an eye cream! So much conflicting information from the same company. Anyway. I use it as an eye cream and I absolutely love it. I’ve been fighting eczema under my eyes and this is the only thing that seems to help keep it contained.

And that’s my December 2016 Faves!



One thought on “Sheena’s December 2016 Favourites 

  1. I love LORAC shadows! Those are some of my favorites. I have a Jouviance product that someone gave me but I haven’t tried it yet. I guess I should. Sounds like it’s really a good line. (Other than their confusing marketing)


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