Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 16, High End Lipsticks

And FINALLY, the last declutter for 2016! It was a long road, thank you for sticking with me 🙂 We finish with my high end lipsticks… yah, I have way more than I thought.. I am noticing that this is a recurring theme. It is true though, you only really notice all that you have when you take it all out! I’ll do one last post after this one to show you the before and after of my collection. Enjoy!

Before, 102


MAC Lipsticks, 5

These are all my MAC lipsticks, yes I know, I don’t have a lot and I am keeping them all 🙂


Julep Light On Your Lips Lipsticks, 8

These lipsticks are nice but not my fav formula, the are just as the name says, light on your lips. They go on cheer but build up in intensity if you want it to. Problem is, I don’t reach for them very much. So I kept my fav shades. Plus the red one was broken so that went bye bye. They do have some nice unique colours like Girl Code that I wanted to keep so I did.


Passing along, 4
Keeping, 4
keeping right, passing along left (I just love those colours on the left!)

 Stila Color Balm Lipstick, 6

I find these lipsticks creamy and moisturizing. They also have a nice minty, but not tingly, feeling to them which I enjoy. I just passed on the purple colour since I don’t wear it and a nude that is too pale for me. I think these are underrated and not spoken about enough. I would buy more!


passing along, 2
keeping, 4
keeping left, passing along right

Clinique Pop Lip Color Lipsticks, 5

I have  3 sample sizes and 2 full size of these and they are beautiful and buttery. I for sure am keeping all of these.


NARS Audacious Lipsticks, 5 (and 1 lost…)

Love, love, love these lipsticks, no way am I getting rid of any. They were carefully selected and money saved to get them. My favourite is the one I lost twice now.. Anita.. I miss you!!!


Marc Jacobs La Crème Lipsticks, 4

I only had 1 full-size, now I have 2 after the Sephora VIB sale, the rest are all sample sizes. These are luxurious, pigmented and beauty-ful. keepers! sorry I forgot to swatch these…


 Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick (full-size), 7

Although a dryer formula, these lipsticks are good. I don’t think I’d purchase another one because they aren’t my fav but I like the ones I have. I passed on the 2 silver ones because they were dried out. You will see in the pick below that it looks like I got rid of 3, but I did end up keeping the noble shade, so I passed on 2.



keeping, 4
passing on 2 (kept Noble)



keeping left, passing right

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick (sample-size), 16

These all came from the last 2 years of holiday kits. I went through the shades I thought were worth keeping. I passed on the ones that I didn’t like. I also passed on Noble, Lovecraft and A-Go-Go because I have full-sizes of those.

I had to keep the black and the lilac as those are unique shades I do no have in my collection. You never know when the mood might strike 😉


Passing along, 9
Keeping, 7
passing along left, keeping right

Gerard Cosmetics, 4

There is nothing wrong with these lipsticks and they are cute packaging. However, I don’t reach for them and I prefer others so I figured I would keep 1995 cause it feels nostalgic and the rest pass on to a good home.



passing along, 3
keeping right, passing left


Random Lot, 10


Ok, let’s work left to right:

LORAC, this is a bright coral/orange and I have oranges that I love better than this one, pass

Vincent Longo, beautiful colour, but I have many like this and honestly, I don’t like random lipsticks, so I prefer keeping others of this shade and passing this one on

Lipstick 101, this is a nice colour but it is just meh to me, passing it along

NARS, I dont like this formula as much, I prefer the audacious ones, bye bye

Clarins, I like the butter-ness of this one, keep

Disney Minnie Collection, it’s a red which is not my fav but its Minnie. No way is it going anywhere!

Silver one, I am not sure what the brand is called, this was a gift from Sheena, I am keeping it, it is a frosty pink and I do not have anything else like it

Urban Decay, this is their old lipsticks, it is super nude and it’s a keep

Mirabella, I wish I had more of this formula. I ended up with 2 of the same colour but I have used both. I kept one at work (before being on mat leave) and the other in my purse or close at hand in my collection. I am keeping both. It is an easy pink to slap on!


Passing along, 4
Keeping, 6
keeping right, passing along, 4


Random Lot 2, 10


Moving left to right:

Lancôme (3), passing along the silver one, it is red.. again not a fan of red. but the packaging is gorgeous and heady duty. The other ones I am also passing along to another home

bareMinerals, I have 2 full size and 2 sample size. I am keeping the full-size as they need more love. I haven’t given them a fair shot yet. For the small samples, they are old and funky so I will be tossing those

UD, Hourglass and MUFE samples, these are all old and funky, tossing these


passing along / tossing, 8
Keeping, 2


Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipsticks (full-size), 13

I have to say, I am pretty sad that Bite Beauty changed their formula from these Luminous crème one because I am allergic to one ingredient in the new one. Had I known when I decluttered these, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of any.. or less. I just went through the colours once more and decided what I wanted to keep. The opal one was very useless although very different.. regrets!

Apparently I got rid of 2 but I didn’t take pics… sorry. I know one was opal, don’t remember the other.


Keeping, 11
Keeping, 11 (the boxed one is not swatched)


Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipsticks (duo sample-size), 8

Same as above… and for some reason I forgot to take pics of the ones I was passing on…. I passed on 3 to Missy that were colours I won’t reach for. Below are the ones I kept!



Passing on, 40


 Keeping, 62


Well that is it guys, my collection is decluttered!!! Hope you enjoyed coming on this journey with me. I will do one last post and that will be my before and after collection so you can see it. But otherwise it is done! We made it 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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