My Not so Big Sephora Haul


Between the 20% off sale back in November and the recent VIB/VIB Rouge coupons that were sent out, I was able to treat myself to a few goodies at Sephora. Here’s my little haul and first impressions 🙂

During the 20% off sale I picked up a couple gifts. I was able to get some items for my hubby and my in-laws. It’s such a good time to get gifts for people. Everything is on sale and you get to keep the points 🙂

Of course the 20% off sale wasn’t all about Christmas gifts. I also managed to get myself a little treat too!

Clean Reserve Rollerball Layering Collection


I’m so excited to try this! I’m hunting down cruelty-free perfumes AND this set is intended to layer! I looooove layering and customizing my scents. I’m almost done my Lavanilla set and Body Spray from Bath and Body Works but seriously, I can’t finish them up fast enough! I really want to dive in to this set.

That’s all I bought myself from the 20% off sale. I thought I exercised some serious self control… until Sephora sent the $20 off of a $50 purchase coupon. Naturally I had to cash that one in.

My 2 Free Minis 

I always pick up a FAB Ultra Repair Cream and so I stock pile their free samples. I also grabbed a Burberry Fresh Glow Primer. I find primers to be expensive so whenever I see them as a free sample I go for it!

My Special Treats 🙂 The BareMinerals “The Wishlist” Eyeshadow Palette and the Ciate London “The Pretty” Eyeshadow Palette.

The BareMinerals “The Wishlist” Palette contains 12 beautiful neutral shades in the brown colour family. The palette has a very nice balance of shimmer to matte shades and a wisely curated range of shades ensuring that this one palette is everything you need for every day.


My first impressions of the swatches and the small amount of use I got out of it before I jumped in the shower was extremely positive. The shadows are mostly smooth and buttery. The shade “Good Spirits” feels a little stiff but that’s the only one. It swatches with a rich pigmentation so I don’t think the texture will be an issue. I noticed when I was playing with this palette before I jumped in the shower that the darker shades had some fall out on my face. Overall I didn’t notice any major strikes against it though. This palette is ideal for neutral lovers, those looking for a palette to use before work or anyone who just enjoys BareMinerals 🙂 I’m impressed!

Swatches top row followed by the bottom row:

And lastly, the Ciate London “The Pretty” Palette!


I’ve been coveting palettes from Ciate London for a while now. If I was able to get it online I would have been interested in the Chloe palette/kit that they have but sadly it wasn’t shipping to Canada at the time of my purchases. The Pretty palette had also caught my eye. The shade selection is a little adventurous for me but not TOO adventurous. I could look at this palette on line and see how I would build looks. I love that it’s half mattes, half shimmers plus a matte highlight. The shimmers are generally light in shade making them perfect for the lid. The mattes contain 2 mid toned shades and 2 deeper shades. It’s really an easy palette to look at and play with.

I was blown away by the texture when I swatched it  but also the blend-ability of the shadows when I played with them on my eyes! This is my first time ever touching eyeshadow from Ciate London and I’m thoroughly impressed.



And that’s it! That’s my “haul.” It’s not massive but I’m so happy that I was able to treat myself. I can’t wait to play with my new goodies 🙂



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