Nat’s Disappointing Products 2016

Here are some products that didn’t work for me, for my hair, skin tone, skin type and life style! No disrespect to any of these brands or if you love these, this is just what did not work for me!

(note that I have dry skin with oily eyelids, thin curly hair, fair/light skin tone with neutral undertone)

Burt’s Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes – for normal to dry skin

These burned my eyes and under my eyes so much that I wouldn’t want to use it again. It removed makeup fine, but not enough for me to get over the burning.

Also, I hate the smell! You would think that it would be fresh with a tang… NOPE! it lingers – I wanted to keep them to remove swatches… nope nope nope. every time I did, I kept thinking “I don’t like you, why do I keep using you!” The smell would linger and later I would be “what is that smell?” and yup, these.


Julep eyeshadow 101 Crème-to-powder eyeshadow Sticks 

I have 2 colours, Champagne Shimmer and Putty (matte), they are beautiful colours.. but… It Creases! The only place on my face that is a bit oily, are my lids, but I cannot wear these without the product moving and creasing really quickly on me. The only way it creases less is when I use a base underneath or a shadow primer. Not what I wanted these for. Plus it fades very quickly and moves on my lids.

It’s too bad I don’t like these because I love the smudger sponge on the edge, very useful to blend out the crease when using these for a one-shadow looks.


Quo Baked Blush in Modest

This blush wasn’t too bad. I can see that other colours would be good but this one is just a glitter-bomb on me. Way too much glitter.


Lancôme Énergie de nuit – The Sleeping Mask

I only had a sample of this but I didn’t use it much… why? cause it is SOOOO perfume-y. And that is not what I want in a night mask. I don’t want to smell perfume as a I try to go to sleep. It doesn’t smell bad, but it is strong. Also, I found the texture watery, you can see in the pic I added below.



Living Proof Curl Conditioning Wash

I got a few samples of this and I am in the hunt for a good shampoo for my thin, low volume curly hair (yes, all of that together is possible). It is a non-lathering shampoo and well, I am not a fan. I feel like it just doesn’t wash my hair. I tried it 3 different times and every time my hair was left feeling greasy and flat. It just weighed my hair down which is bad for my type of hair.


Sephora Charcoal Nose Strip

Nope, not a fan. First, I don’t like how it applies. It is dry and you have to wet it (I used a cotton pad) and if you don’t wet it enough, it applies unevenly. My nose is small, but the strip covers too much of a big surface. I wish I had taken a picture, it almost covers my whole nostrils. So for that reason, it was hard for the strip to reach my blackhead problem area, my nostrils and the crease of my nostrils. Which meant that it didn’t take out the blackheads on one side. The last reason I wasn’t a fan is because it make me break out where the strip touched the skin on my cheeks around my nose…


Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner

Mr. Marc Jacobs, I am mad at you. You are expensive and I expect your products to stay good for a long time. I treated myself to the holiday kits of the gel eyeliners. And Let me be clear, when they worked, I LOVE these liners. They are super smooth and last a long time and also comes in a great range of colours. My beef is that as I go to reach for one, and DRY!! totally Dry! I found a dry one because the cap fell off, ok I understand that, but when the caps are well put on? no way. I do own other gel liners that I have had for much longer than I had these MJ ones and they aren’t dry whatsoever. My first shade dried out in a couple months. I barely got any use out of them. I do not own a full-sized one so I do not know if this happens just for the mini-sized ones from the holiday kits. Either way, I am disappointed. Look at how many pretties I had to get rid of! I’ll also swatch a good one (I have 3 left) vs the dry ones below.

9…. 9 of these, all bad
This is the amount of product inside these sample sizes. It fell out and was all dry.


Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm 

This was just a meh. I think they look cute but I found the packaging annoying. There isn’t a lot of grip to grab either the lip scrub or the lip balm and I found that the lids come loose. The lip balm is ok, nothing to write home about and I honestly thought I it would be more pigmented, which is why I got the darker colour. It is not. You can barely tell it is on my lips. The scrub barely did anything and it dried out quickly. This is just not worth the money.


swatch… do you see it??
The dried out sugar scrub


Well, this is it! Hope you enjoyed! 🙂




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