Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 14, Lipglosses

The decluttering continues! Lipglosses next!

Before, 84


Mix of Brands #1, 15


Hourglass, these are so smooth and pigmented, they are a mix between a gloss and a liquid lipstick that doesn’t set dry on the lips. These are just the sample sizes I got in kits and I am keeping all three cause these suckers are expensive.

essence, these mini glosses I wore so much, but I don’t need 6…so I am keeping my favourites

MUFE, I have gotten so many samples of this lipgloss and all in this colour… and I am not a fan of it, especially the brush, pass.

Marc Jacobs, I don’t like it, pass

UD, the colour doesn’t do it for me, pass

Laura Mercier, just a meh, pass

Lip smacker, I am only just keeping it because it is Minnie Mouse

Fresh Sugar, KEEP!! love this one.

Passing Along, 7


Keeping, 8


Mix of brands #2, 13


Stila, These twist-up glosses are nice, they are different and I like the texture of them. but again, I don’t need all of the colours.

Maybelline, keeping this vivid matte, I need to keep trying this baby

Rimmel, I like these except for 1 shade

Vincent Longo, this is a lip tint, it is cool to put under a dark lipstick, so when it wears off you still have some colour underneath. But this one is purple and I have no shades this would go under.

Keeping, 6


Passing along, 7


Mix of brands #3, 12

Burt’s Bees, this gloss is ok… I prefer the pink so I will keep that one

NARS, I love the bronze one, the Orgasm one, it is not my colour so I am passing

Buxom, these 2 are super thick creams… they are not like my other Buxoms that are super awesome. Plus they smell funky so I will throw them out.

Stila (one on the left), I love this one, it is a beautiful colour and nice and thick (it was a Sheena recommendation), keep!

Gosh, this is a cool colour that makes an awesome topper, keep

essence, I like both of these formulas, keeping my favs.


Passing along, 5


Keeping, 7


Maybelline, Bite, 9

Bite, I am only keeping the shades I like

Maybelline Baby Lips, keeping all!


Keeping, 7


Passing Along, 2


Gerard Cosmetics, 7


I swatched them all and since these aren’t my fav formula, I just kept my fav colours and the black, cause I need that in my life.

Passing along, 3


Keeping, 4


bareMinerals, 11


Passing along, 5


Keeping, 6


Julep, 17


The Julep lipgloss is my favourite gloss of all time. The only reason I am passing some along is that some have gone funky. Others are duplicates that I don’t need 2 of.

Passing along, 6


Keeping, 11


Finally Tally

Passing Along, 35


Keeping, 49


How do you think I did?


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