Sheena’s November 2016 Favourites

Me wearing all my Boxycharm goodies!

The holidays are finally here! I can’t wait for my first Christmas with my sweet little baby but on the other hand it also means I have to go back to work soon. It’s not that I hate my job, I don’t, I like it! It’s just hard to think about being away from my baby. To cope I’ve been throwing myself full force in to makeup/blogging. Trying to have a little fun outside of family duties! For the month of November I worked on getting my blog posts back on track and as a fun side benefit I’ve been wearing a lot more makeup ūüôā For the next little while my goal is to focus on using my current collection so that I feel like I’m starting to actually get my money’s worth out of all my splurges. A lot of my faves are actually from my project pan (which is great!) and I’ve been scaling back how much I spend on makeup. So now that¬†the¬†long rambling intro is over with… let’s look back at the month of November!


ELF Lip Balm in Berry Sweet

This is one of my few new purchases. I picked up a couple ELF gift sets because I couldn’t resist. Reviews coming soon! Spoiler: I love these lip balms and have been reaching for them when I really shouldn’t be. My favourite is Berry Sweet.


Marcelle CC Cream

This is from my project pan. I have had this for months but never really mentioned it because right around the time I started using it I started getting skin reactions to something. I’ve since determined that this profuct is not the cause. I’ve been using it and loving it! The Marcelle CC Cream is a Nat recommendation and I’m glad I listened. It has the same effect as my much-loved Nars Tinted Moisturizer but at a¬†fraction of the price. It’s also a better colour match since Nars tends to run a little yellow. I will totally buy this again!


Le Chatelaine Hand Creams various scents

Another one from my project pan! I’ve littered these hand creams all over my¬†house and throughout my purses. Normally I use Body Shop Body Butters in the small size for hand creams but I’m enjoying these a little more because I find the packaging to be more convenient than the mini tubs, the scents are more fun & unique and the cream itself is excellent quality. A total win! I will be sad to use them all up.


Crown C513 Brush

I recently signed up for Boxycharm and got this brush in my first box. It has become my new favourite bottom lash brush! It’s soft, picks up a lot of product and the pointed tip helps me accurately place shadow. Boxycharm is totally worth it. I’m in love with this brush!

So that’s my favourites for November!


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