Makeup Trends That Make Me Say: “Nope”!

I know this won’t be super popular or you may not agree but I felt like I needed to talk about 3 makeup trends that I do not understand… Please remember that this is my opinion only, these trends are not for me and I mean absolutely no offense to anyone who do these trends on a regular basis and loves them. Who knows, maybe some day I will change my mind and do these myself.

1.Highlighting the tip of the nose

I love highlighting, I love highlighters! I am NOT against highlighting, let’s get that straight but.. I get it, we want to look like a beautiful glowing shiny ball of amazingness. I understand the cheekbones (makes them look amazing), the cupid’s bow (makes your lips so attractive and brings the eye to the lips), the bridge of the nose (so you can see the good part of the nose when you turn your head)..

But WHY oh WHY the tip of the nose? Look… just look at people that do it… it’s like a bulls-eye on the tip of the nose. I can’t help but look straight at it… instead of looking at your amazing blush, cheekbones, eyes, lipstick, I just see the blaring light in the middle of your face. Like it is blinking at me. Don’t most people with oily skin try to mask the shiny nose? And here we are putting it back on? I don’t get it.

I can’t stop looking at her nose…. photo from

When I was looking into this one, I noticed that Wayne Goss said No to this too! lol yes!!



2. Overdrawing the Lips

I know it is a “trick” to make the lips look bigger but let me tell you a secret: we can tell it’s fake. Yes, we can. We see it, we know your lips aren’t that big. Doesn’t look natural, not cute, we see it.. To be honest, it kind looks like a kid that doesn’t know how to draw within the lines. Your lips are beautiful how they are, small, big, medium, big top lip, small top lip; they are perfect just the way they are. Just line the natural line of your lips, that is sufficient!

totally can tell…..


 3. Baking the face

I understand that for fashion photography or stage makeup baking is a technique that makes the makeup last and look flawless. The issue I have with this is that is it becoming a trend for the “everyday” makeup user and popular with beauty gurus all over YouTube. I just don’t think that it is something that when you go to work, club, grocery store or the mall, that it’s a necessary. Plus, it is an extra step that I just don’t see myself doing.

What do you think about these trends?


8 thoughts on “Makeup Trends That Make Me Say: “Nope”!

  1. I totally agree with you about the over drawn lips and baking. Looks fake and is unnecessary (and a waste of product). I like putting a tiny bit of highlight on the tip of my nose because it makes it look a little lifted but it definitely doesn’t work with all nose types….especially when people pack it on thick (ick!). Great post!

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