Boxycharm November Unboxing

Here it is again! Boxycharm has done it again! Here is the November Box 🙂


Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter – $32 USD

This highlight has reflective pearls that add radiance on contact, a delicate glow, and a diamond-like finish to the skin. 

This is a big pan! You get tons of product in this highlighter. At first, I was convinced that it would be too dark for my skin, but it is a delicate glow like the description says. It is not too dark and it has a duo chrome effect that is gorgeous on the skin.


Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail Crease Brush – $12.99 USD

The Pro Detail Crease brush’s bullet shape and dense Capra blend bristles easily fit into the crease of your eyelid. This brush is made with a high grade Capra hair, making it easy to clean and maintain with proper care.

They are right, the brush is really soft, I didn’t expect that with the Capra hair (goat hair). I am not sure I will use this for the crease (even if doing cut crease is super “in” right now), but I think it will lend better to the bottom lashes. There are little divots in the brush for your fingers but I find it a little awkward to use that way. The last thing is that the wand looks like it is made with fake wood, I know that sounds weird but it feels lightweight and like wood, but to cheap to be wood. Overall, I like receiving brushes and I will give this a whirl!


Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette – $49.95 USD

The On-The-Go eyeshadow palette includes 9 shades that are perfect for creating day or night looks! 

All I have to say is hellz yah! We got a palette from the same brand a couple of boxes ago and it was divine. This one is just as good. It has more cool-toned colors but after use, I loved the look it gave me! Very happy with this palette! I hope we get more in the future.


Skyn Icelanding Relief Eye Cream Pen – $20 USD

This cutting-edge, triple-acting eye cream in a portable pen is formulated with a breakthrough technology to combat three major eye issues: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles all while on-the-go. 

I have never seen a cream like this, I am very intrigued. I am in the market for a great eye cream so I am hoping the one is a winner!!


Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème – $20

These full coverage, high impact liquid lipsticks last for hours without the need for touch-up. Their creamy formula goes on smoothly and dries to a beautiful matte finish in a snap!

This is a beautiful colour! I love that it goes with the eyeshadow palette and the highlighter to create a look in a box. However, I did try it on but I found it tacky when it dried.. I am not into liquid lipsticks that much as I don’t like dry lips. I may pass it on or keep it to wear with a gloss over because the colour is gorgeous.


In total, the box has a value of $134.94 USD and $182.29 CAD. For $21 + $5 shipping USD… totally worth it!

Hope you enjoyed this! If you are interested in getting a box, click HERE to subscribe.

Go check out the October Box and the September Box posts too!

Hope you enjoyed!


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