All About Mineral Founation



I love mineral foundation! I use it several times a week and have so for 3 years now. So what’s the deal with mineral makeup? Why is it awesome and what makes it different? Here is my take on mineral makeup as well as some tips on using it.

Mineral makeup (foundation in particular) is often claimed to be more natural. The reality is that this is false. It contains most of the same minerals that can be commonly found in most other types of makeup. Many of the minerals are synthetic and not naturally occurring. This doesn’t mean that mineral makeup is bad for you. On the contrary many dermatologists recommend that people with severe acne, rosacea, eczema and so on tryout mineral makeup. Why? Most mineral makeup brands don’t include ingredients that are known skin irritants such as; preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrance. For this reason, it is much less likely to cause skin reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Of course this was a big deal in the 70’s when consumers were far less aware and companies like BareMinerals were building their brand. Now consumers are more and more savvy. Other companies are rising to occasion and leaving out those harmful ingredients from your standard foundations.

Does this mean mineral makeup is irrelevant now? Not in my opinion. I love mineral foundation. It looks so natural and it’s beyond easy to use. I personally find that mineral powder foundation build much nicer than regular powder foundation. And powder foundations are quicker to apply than liquid ones. This makes mineral foundation a great choice for busy moms, people who like no fuss makeup and of course, those with sensitive skin 🙂

Mineral foundation is not without its quirks. It has a tendency to absorb oil (making it a great option for oily skin folks) and as result those with dry skin may find it too drying. It contains an inherent physical SPF by way of the mineral ingredients. I switched over from Mac Studio Fix pressed powder to Pur mineral foundation about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back! Along the way I’ve picked up some tricks and tips for using mineral foundation.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you are well hydrated to combat inherent dryness. At the moment I’ve been working through Smashbox Primer Water. I find it adds the needed moisture to my skin to help prevent the mineral foundation from drying out my skin. Smashbox is no longer cruelty free so when this is done I will be on the market for something comparable that is cruelty free. Perhaps the one from Tarte? Suggestions are welcome!
  • Always use a primer to help with longevity of wear. A good hydrating primer and moisturized skin will do the trick! I’ve been playing with ELF Hydrating Primer and find that it really helps with the longevity of my makeup however it contains silicone so I am still on the hunt for a good one. Recommendations welcome!
  • Skip liquids – use your foundation as your concealer. I personally find that liquids don’t blend in to mineral foundation as nicely. Mineral foundation builds up so well without looking cakey that you can easily spot conceal with it. I even use it on my under eyes!
  • If you want to use it as an under eye concealer ensure that your under eyes are well prepped. A good eye cream and even a moisturizing under eye primer such as this one from Smashbox really help it stay put and feel comfortable!
  • Use a fluffy brush and build up in light layers as needed. I put a light layer all over my face with my Real Techniques Powder brush and then go over the areas that need extra help a second or even third time. This is usually my cheeks where there is a lot of discoloration.
  • Use a smaller, denser brush for spot concealing and under eyes. I currently use my Real Techniques setting brush to do this. It’s fluffy enough to distribute the powder and small enough to target specific spots.
  • Skip the setting spray unless you want to look really dewy. Mineral Powder gets shiny throughout the day so unless you’re ok with being quite dewy, don’t worry about the setting spray. I have found it tends to make the dewiness more pronounced.

Why do I prefer the Pur Mineral Foundation?

I’ve tried a few mineral foundations and I always go back to the Pur 4in1 Pressed Powder Foundation. I find in terms of quality it’s very comparable to the BareMinerals foundation. They are both really great options but I prefer the Pur one simply because it’s in a pressed compact which I find easier to use and I can use my Optimum points to buy it J If you want those Sephora points then go on a head and pick up the BareMinerals foundation. It’s fantastic as well!

A quick note on SPF

Mineral Makeup has a natural physical SPF. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sufficiently protected from the sun if you are only wearing mineral makeup. Perhaps it might be good enough for a quick drive in the car but if you are going outside in the sun for any length of time always apply a sunscreen. That way you will get even coverage sun protection.



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