Sample Then Splurge? Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I’m excited about this post series. It’s going to allow me to take more make-up risks as well as help me use up or give away the vast array of samples I’ve accumulated. The first product I’m excited to share with you is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.


Something interesting about this primer is it was the first product created at Smashbox photo studios in L.A. Smashbox is all about making your make-up look good for photos and last under hot lights and hot California weather! It’s their bestselling product and Smashbox says, “the best way to start your makeup every day!”

The brand touts that this primer “instantly blurs fine lines and pores, leaving skin with a velvety-smooth, even finish.” In reality I didn’t notice any difference on my skin except a bit more weight on my skin. Initially it reminds me of putting a thin layers of table candlewax on your skin. Which can feel soothing and smoothing but would certainly irritate anyone who hates to ‘feel’ like they are wearing make-up. But I do have to say, despite its weight this stuff works. It completely killed any shine and get my make-up on point during workdays. I was so impressed with its shine resistance that I wore it to my friend’s wedding and it completely held up after some marathon dancing, air guitaring, and general merriment. Check out the photos below:

Very beginning of the night:


Dancing queen time:


End of the night selfie:


I realize the picture quality isn’t the best but I know that I was super happy with the results.

Some other cool things about this product is you can use it in your hair to tame frizzies.

Now the big question is – would I buy this product? The answer is probably not. The standard 1 oz. size retails for $44 CAD which I find is steep for a primer that feels like wax on my skin. However, I will continue to use up this sample and look for more opportunities to purchase travel size portions with points or other perks for marathon events like weddings.

What’s your favorite primer?

— Missy




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