Decluttering My Makeup Collection -Part 11, NYX Buttergloss / Buxom / Lip Liners / Lip Balms

Lip Liners

I don’t even know why I have so many lip liners… I barely even wear them! But somehow I accumulated 26… So let’s see how many I can get rid of 🙂

Before, 26


My favourites are the Milani ones; they are creamy, not drying and, well just perfect lol. I kept them all except for the light pink one because it is a little frosty.

Marcelle, were good, but not my favourites so I am passing them along.

Annabelle, one I didn’t like, it was dry.. bye bye

essence, these are so good for the price, I kept 2 and passed 1 on since I had similar colour in the Milani one.

Vincent Longo, this one is double ended with 2 shades of purple. I love it and keeping it.

Mirabella, a nice orangy one, my only one of this shade, keeping.

Passing Along, 11


Keeping, 15


NYX Butter Gloss

Before, 15


I adore these and spent a good time collecting them. They are pigmented, smell amazing and feed great on the lips. I just passed on the shades that I hate on myself and won’t wear.

Passing Along, 5


Keeping, 10


Lip Balms

Before, 2620160905_153906

Lypsyl, has been my favourite forever. years and years I don’t even remember how long I have been using them for daily.. I kept them all except for one that was almost empty.

Burt’s Bees, I love the honey regular one and they hydrating one. I don’t like the grapefruit, vanilla or mint flavours so I am passing those along (throwing out the ones that are open, giving the ones that are new)

Sephora, was all dried out, bye!

Lipsmackers, strictly kept them because they are Minnie Mouse…

Fresh, love all of these, keeping them all

Jack Black, I like these and so does my husband, they have spf which I love also

Passing Along, 10


Keeping, 16


Buxom Lipglosses

This is so easy, I love them all. I am keeping them all. Most of these were gifts from my husband so they aren’t going anywhere

Keeping, 2620160905_153138

Well this is it for this quick one! Hope you enjoyed 🙂



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