Use It or Lose It! – Julep Cream to Powder Blush Stick

My Use It or Lose It bag! It’s mainly blush and eyeshadow since I have a strategy for using up a lot of other types of products.

I’ve decluttered and my collection is about half of what it was. Yet I still have so much unused products! I also have limited space and an unchecked shopping addiction so I really need to ensure that my makeup collection is filled with things that I love and at least use occasionally! So I decided to round up all my makeup that I kept from my massive purge but still don’t really use and either use it, or lose it!

My first victim is this Cream to Powder Blush Stick from Julep in the shade Passion Fruit.

The shade is nothing else that I own in my blush collection. It’s down right intimidating!


I had to play with it to make it work on my cheeks. I found the best application was to get some on a small stipple brush (I used one from ELF) and blend it out that way.

Here is the result:

I needed to make it really sheer or else I looked very red. In the end I found that it didn’t look bad but I didn’t care for the amount of effort it took to make it work vs my tried and true blushes that I own. I think I just don’t care for cream blushes. I felt the exact same way about a blush that I had from Flower Beauty.

The verdict? Lose it. I won’t use it because I don’t enjoy the application process. It is a lovely product though. If you happen to enjoy cream blushes you might want to check out Julep! I love that brand in general 🙂



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