Tool Talk – Still Spa Essential Brushes


Tool Talk!!!! I was considering calling this series Tool Time! Who remembers that? Am I aging myself here…? I think I am…

*ahem* anyway.

I’ve been focusing more and more on makeup brushes and tools so I decided to make a monthly series about it. I’m looking for affordable tools that make applying makeup easier and possibly shave some time off of my routine! I should have added the BDellium Tools under this umbrella but I didn’t come up with this amazing idea then! So our first subject of the Tool Talk series is the Still Spa Essentials Brushes from Walmart! Let’s discuss 🙂

I picked up 2 brushes; the powder brush and the eye shadow blender brush.


They are both affordable and synthetic. The powder brush was $5.97 and the blender was $2.97. I like that you can get a modest selection of brushes individually. I don’t want to have to always buy sets just to get a certain brush. The down side is the individual brush selection was rather slim.

The Powder Brush

This huge and fluffy brush is pinched at the barrel making a thick fan like shape. It’s not as dense as a Real Techniques powder brush. I like using it for dusting on bronzer. It applies my bronzer very lightly which is perfect for this time of year. For slightly less than $6 I think this is a good buy!

The Eye Shadow Blender

This brush is similar to my BDellium Tools 776. It’s great for crease work and creating transition. Like the Powder Brush, the Eye Shadow Blender is very soft and fluffy. It also applies shadow lightly, allowing me to build my shadow up. This works out nicely when I’m working with shadows such as Kat Von D shadows but I might choose a different brush if I’m working with a less pigmented shadow. Over all, $2.97 for a blender is a steal and it’s worth checking out if you need another blender!

I’m definitely interested in picking up more of these brushes. They have some kits that are hovering around the $10 mark. I prefer to buy the individual brushes that I need so I don’t end up with too many brush duplicates but for the price point, and since they don’t offer a wide selection of individual brushes, I think I will just bite the bullet and grab a kit.

I would recommend these brushes for anyone who is starting out, on a budget or looking to throw together an inexpensive travel brush set.


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