A Few Minutes Revising Halloween 2016 Before Christmas Madness Begins

Nothing notes the change of the season quicker than Nov 1st in Canada. Since we celebrate Thanksgiving mid-October there is nothing stopping stores from getting out their X-mas gear ASAP when the last trick or treaters pass by the house.

I was actually in the mall October 28th and was shocked to see most of the Halloween items on clearance to make way for the Christmas merchandise!

I love Halloween and I’m not ready to say good-bye to it just yet! So I going to tell you about a pretty make-up costume I did with Nat this year. Our costume was the idiom ‘Green with Envy’. So we donned our best green and black clothes and make-up and had the words ‘NV’ on ourselves.

I thought this would be an easy and pretty costume to pull off. I have a vast make-up collection and access to Instagram and Pinterest so I thought I was all set. But not so! Green is a very difficult color to wear. We are always trying to cover up green tones in our skin because it can make us look sickly (in my case I vacillated between looking dead or beat up …. eep). I think because green is so tough to wear that a lot of make-up companies don’t use it. I had a lot of blue/green or brown/green colors to work with but very few other options! Calamity!

All in all, I have to say I was saved by the Stila in the Garden palette and Urban Decay Spectrum and Alice Through the Looking Glass palettes. Stila had pretty green accent colors and Urban Decay offered the bold colors I wanted for my look. My whole face was done with eyeshadows from these 3 palettes in combinations too crazy to recount.

Here’s some pics of my look:

And with Nat:


What did you do for Halloween 2016?

— Missy

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