Nat’s October Favourites

The year is flying by, my daugther so growing up too fast, we had our 1st snow fall (nooooo), the leaves are almost all gone, the cold is setting in… yup, October is over and November is coming.. bleh. I did have more time to play with makeup this month and I have a few nice favs! Hope you enjoy!

Julep It’s Balm Full-Coverage Lip Crayon in Nude Almond Crème

At first, I didn’t like these lip crayons but after trying the Nude Almond colour, I love it. Now you will see in my declutter series (lip stuff is coming in Nov!) that I decluttered some of these. Well I like this colour, not the darker ones. This crayon is meant to be kinda of a very pigmented tinted lip balm. It has lip balm in the center and the colour around it so when you apply it is colours but also moisturizes your lips. I liked how soft and good it does feel on the lips. But mainly, why I kept and love this one is because of the colour. It is a soft nude brownish shade that is PERFECT for my mom-on-the-go-or-just-being-lazy look. It goes with every look and I make sure to have it in my purse for quick touch ups or if I forget to apply lipstick before leaving the house.




Lancôme Hypnose Mascara 

Yep, I am sooo late to the ball. This is an old favourite and now I understand why! Look at those lashes!!! this is without using an eyelash curler. I think the pic speaks for itself.


Farmacy Lip Bloom in Citrus Lemongrass

I usually don’t like dip-your-finger-in-the-pot lip balm, but I’ll make an exception for this one! It is sooo moisturizing and I love the smell of it. I keep it in my comp room when I blog and watch youtube vids and when I don’t have it, I look for it… where is it?! lol It is an expensive sucker tho but with the sale coming, it is a good time to get it!


Studio Makeup On-The-Go Palette

This was just a gem that came into the September Boxycharm. This is a great palette that I have been reaching for this month along with the next one featured here (see below!). It blends like a dream and that middle copper,… omg… it is LIFE.



Gosh CC Cream Illuminating Foundation 

I snagged this up at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.99, yup! It was on clearance and I hop that is not because it is being discontinued  because I love it. The name is weird, it says CC cream and also foundation.. ok you cannot be both lol. Well I say it is more like a CC Cream because it is light coverage. It does illuminate, that is for sure, so if you are oily, this is not for you. I just add concealer and bam, I am good to go. It does not make me look dry, it doesn’t catch on dry patches, it blends well in the skin. Love.


Sephora Color Switch

This is to remove colour on your brushes with a quick wipe, well it works and it is super useful. You can see that I was playing with colours for halloween looks and this saved me from using up all my brushes and having to wash them all after playing.



Julep Lipgloss in Vivid

I am not going to go on and on about these lipglosses because I have already many many times. Plus, they are my holy grail lipglosses! But this colour… omg so good. I love to pair it with a very nude eye (see my look below that has been a go-to). It has just the shade of red that I love, since I am not a red lover. I need a lipstick of that exact shade!


LORAC PRO 3 Palette 

It is very difficult (unless you want to pay almost double for the products) to get LORAC in Canada. I was lucky enough that my hubby did some travelling to the US in Sept and went to an Ulta to get it for me! Thanks Babe 🙂 I have been wearing it non stop. It is perfect for my daytime neutral looks. My only problem with it is that some of the shades almost look the same on the lids. But I am still able to create looks that I am super happy with. The shadows blend super well but woah they are powdery when you dip your brush in (but I can live with that!).



If you want a tutorial on this look, please let me know!



What were your favs this month?


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