Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 9.3, bareMinerals Palettes

Here is part 9.3, bareMinerals palettes with some Bobbi Brown, MUG and Inglot. This was a hard one guys, believe me!

Before, 28


Bobbi Brown Singles


I got many of these singles when Murale was still opened in Ottawa. Now it is closed and we can no longuer use our Shoppers Optimum points to get Bobbi Brown, NARS, Chanel… super sad. Shoppers Beauty Boutique doesn’t carry those brands. Anyways… I like these, they aren’t the best but they are decent. I decided to keep some and pass others along.

Passing Along – I popped out the shades and put them back in their individual packaging and kept the empty 3-pan palette in case I get more in the future.

MUG and Inglot


The MUG Vegas Lights palettes I am keeping for sure. The INGLOT shadows are my only ones I own and they are a souvenir from my NYC trip with my hubby. Keeping them both.

bareMinerals Palettes


I like these… but I had to make the hard choice of getting rid of The Posh Neutrals one because it was the one I never use and I liked the least.

Passing Along
Keeping – sorry about the crappy pic.. not sure what happened there!

bareMinerals Quads and Duos



Can I keep them all???? They are sooo pretty and buttery. I love these, I find them so underrated. I decided to pass along the colours that I use less…. even if I didn’t want to!

Passing Along


Passing Along, 8


Keeping, 20


I know, I know… I didn’t do that great in this one, but in my defense these are some of my favourites so they are VERY hard to declutter.

Come back for part 10 – mascaras and randoms


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