Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 9.2, Eye Sticks / Singles

Here is part 9.2! It has eye sticks and singles and I will do Part 9.3 for my bareMinerals palettes. In case you haven’t figured it out yet… I’m obsessed with bareMinerals lol and let me tell you, it was SO HARD to go through..

Before, 56


Makeup Geek

We can make this one easy, all these Z palettes hold my MUG shadows and I will NOT get rid of any of them. They are my favourites, my ride or die shadows.


Batch 1


I wanted to pick between the 3 goldish shades that I have here… the Milani, Burberry and Hard Candy – beleive it or not, the hard candy beat out the other 2… it sure did!

Gosh, they are not pigmented, pass along

Vincent Longo, a weird trio, I won’t reach for it and I don’t like the shade when you mix all 3 shades, pass along

NYX, they are nice but I just don’t reach for them, pass along.

pass along

Batch 2


Kat Von D, LOVE these singles. Unfortunately I had to get rid of Synergy because it is broken, I have tried repairing it 3 times and it keep breaking… it’s time we break up… the rest are staying with me!

UD, Stila, MAC, I love all of these and I am keeping them.

Lise Watier, this is a cream shadow, I like it as a base on a quick day, it needs more love.

Laura Geller, didn’t swatch great, not a fan of baked shadows (I like other baked products), passing along.

MICA Beauty, this is a green loose pigment, I have nothing else like it and it is sooo pretty, keep.

In my Z palette, the big ones are 3 Stila and the 2 small I don’t know. I had depotted them in the hope to use them more in a “palette style” but that didn’t work out. I am passing them all along.

Passing Along
Keeping – tried to fix the Kat Von D, didn’t work.. tossed it.

Batch 3


L’Oréal, keeping all of these infallible, so pretty.

Makeup Geek, even if MUG is my ride or die, these 2 shades I already own and I am not close to hitting pan so I will pass them on to Sheena.

bareMinerals, these are loose eyeshadows.. I have not really tried them since I am not super crazy about loose shadows, so I decided to swatch them since I told myself I will keep the ones I like and pass the others. After swatching them all… omg.. sooooo beautiful, I kept them all.

Passing along to a great home

Batch 4


Keeping all these eyeshadow sticks!!

Batch 5 – bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Perfomance Cream Eyeshadow


I love these a lot and I wanted to keep them all but 3 of them had dried out, so I had to get rid of the 3 below.



Passing Along, 21


Keeping, 35


Come back for part 9.3! Sorry for the 3 parts for this drawer but the post would be SUPER long if I did it all in one.


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