BDellium Tools Brushes


I am on the hunt for more brushes. I’m looking for nice quality, affordable brushes that are cruelty free and offered as individual brushes. Selection is very important to me since I’ve purchased lots of sets and am looking to get more of specific types of brushes – not full sets. I researched BDellium tools and found that they had consistently positive reviews. I’m not sure they’re considered 100% cruelty free but they offer a vegan line, so I thought that’d be a great start. They have hundreds of brushes on their website and ship to Canada for free after a minimum purchase of $20 USD.

I picked up 3 brushes to start; the 776 (blender, dupe for MAC), 735 (angled eyebrow brush and spooly duo) and the 785 (tapered blender). I’ve been playing with them for a while and here’s what I think!

776 Blender – $9 USD

This is a fluffy blender with a pinched barrel. It’s supposed to be a MAC 217 dupe. I don’t own the MAC 217 so I can’t compare it but I can say that this is a very lovely brush. One I reach for often now. It’s fluffy, dense but also a little stiff.

735 Brow/Spooly – $12 USD

This one was a big let down. The angled side fo the brush was rather thick and the bristles of the brush stick out in every direction. I much prefer my Essence angled brush over this. It’s too thick for my brows where I want precision!

Below Essence vs BDellium

785 Tapered Blender – $9 USD

I thought I’d like this one more. I was looking to replace a Smashbox brush that I own and love. the Smashbox brush is goat hair so I’d like to replace it with something synthetic. Sadly this one won’t do. The Smashbox brush isn’t as tapered. It’s also magical in a way that this brush doesn’t seem to want to be. I find when I blend with the 785 is bends rather than disperses the bristles. If that makes sense… so I don’t feel like I’m get as smooth of a blend as I do with my Smashbox brush.

Bel0w Smashbox vs BDellium

It’s not a complete bust though. I use it as a dry blending brush to finish off those edges.

Overall my experience with BDellium Tools was very positive. The order was processed promptly and my package arrived on time. They even tracked it for me. I love the selection they offer on their website and the low free shipping threshold. I just so happened to pick a brush that didn’t work out for me but I won’t let that stop me from ordering again!


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