Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 9.1, Small Palettes / Quads

For this one, it will be broken into weird parts. This first (9.1) is the duos, small palettes and quads that I keep in my palette drawer. The next (9.2) will be my singles and eye crayons and the last (9.3) will be my bareMinerals paletttes. The reason I say this is that it may look that there is quads and singles everywhere.. lol

Duos, Small Palettes in my palette drawer

Before, 28


Wet n’ Wild


Wet n Wild, I love their formula for these, I will keep them all except for the “Thrift Store Chic” as they aren’t as pigmented and I don’t reach for it. I just want to mention, the California Roll one… that organgy colour.. is sooooo amazeballs.

Nyx, Lise Watier, Tarte, Maybelline, Tarina Tarantino


I am not getting rid of the Tarte Tease and the Lise Watier. These are buttery, look amazing, just gorgeous.

I will be passing along the 2 NYX Palettes. The trio was a hard one to get rid of because it is a very nice trio. I love these shadows but I have ton of these colours in palettes and I just don’t reach for them. The small palette was nothing special.

The Maybelline I got at the dollar store, it is actually not bad for 3 bucks, but it is just not something I will reach for.

The Tarina Tarantino… this was hard…. I love the colours, I LOVE the packaging… but in the end, I don’t use it… ahhh!!

Passing along

Maybelline and essence


I had many more of these Maybelline quads and this is already paired down, I kept all but 1.

Esssence, these are the palettes before the reformulated them, the new ones are good, these ones are not.

Passing along

Kat Von D 


Yup, I kept them all. I love Kat Von D and these are all products that are no longuer available. Part of it is that I love collecting the Kat Von D ones… I could have gotten rid of the trio because it is terrible, but I couldn’t!

Julep and Eddie Funkhouser



Julep, these duos are the best formula from Julep. They are beautiful and create nice looks. I felt they needed more love before saying bye bye so I am Keeping these.

Eddie Funkhouser, this is a nice neutral quad. It is very good but I just don’t reach for it so I will pass it along to another home.

Passing Along


Passing Along, 9


Keeping, 19


Not the best here, but still got rid of some!

Come back for part 9.2!


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