Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 8, Foundations / Primers / Setting Sprays

We are about halfway in my declutter series, I hope you have been enjoying it! I have enjoyed decluttering and it has me excited about purging, organizing but also about rediscovered products.

I wanted to mention that there will be no concealer and eye primer declutter because I reorganized my every day drawer and that’s where I kept them. So I decluttered them at that time and already passed along the items so I can’t show you..

At the end of the declutter, I’ll show you my collection!

Now let’s get into the declutter.


Before, 13


Passing Along, 4


The Caryl Baker one I have had for ever and it is not my colour and it is expired, so bye bye.

The CoverGirl outlast one I love the formula but I haven’t found a shade that matches me perfectly. Plus it is old!

The ready set gorgeous and the Marcelle, I never reached for them…

Keeping, 9


LOVE the CC Cream from Marcelle, the Cushion Lumi with a backup (LOVE IT!). Before I am redundant, I love of all these and reach for them all, so I kept them all LOL.


Before, 33 (LOTS of samples…)


A lot of these I want to try out, so I didn’t get rid of as many as I wanted it.. I kept many samples and my plan is to go through them quick, one by one.

Passing Along, 10


Pur and master prime did not reduce a lot of redness, I kept some that do more (like the MUFE and the Lancôme). The Stay Flawless were all dry, others I didn’t like or did not want to try.

Keeping, 23


So many to try!!! I do like the Primer Water, the MUFE ones and the Master Prime ones… most of the rest I have to try!

Setting Sprays

Before, 7


After, 6

I just got rid of the elf one! That is it 🙂

The Origins is new, and its more of a moisturizing spray.. and the MUFE I want to try more.

Well, this was an easy peasy quick one! But it still feels good to declutter!!




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