Petit Vour Unboxing


Petit Vour is a monthly makeup subscription box that specializes in vegan makeup. They ship boxes to Canada for FREE and charge $23CDN for a box. I thought that the price point was pretty fair so I gave them a try. I have mixed feelings which I will explain at the end of the unboxing. First we will start with what I got!

Formulary 55 Sea Mineral Body Polish – $7 USD


This let me down. It felt like a sample I might get just randomly thrown in my bag from It’s only a sinlge use sample too 😦

True Morninga Lavendar Face Oil – $3 USD


Ugh. Another sample that should be free with purchase!! I might pass this on to Nat as she was asking about oils. Lavendar and my skin aren’t always friends so I can’t evem try it.

Box Naturals Lux Towelettes $1.50 USD


I love Rosewater so I guess this will be nice to try but there’s only 2 in here… another disappointment!

Lily Lolo Sculpt and Glo Contour Duo $26 USD

I’m guessing that this is why the other products are basically free samples. This is a full sized product that is greater than the value of the box. I was happy to receive this. I am wearing it as we speak and I like it. It’s a soft, natural contour kit that would be great for work! It’s not too intense but still does something.

When I got to the bottom of my box and found the 1 full sized item I was quite happy. I thought that for the price it would be worth it to try it for 2 more months and see if the reason why I got a bunch of samples was to offset the cost of the full sized product. I also enjoyed discovering this new brand Lily Lolo – which you can get in Canada!

In the end I decided to unsubscribe because the shipping was really bad. I received this box several days after they announced they’d be shipping October’s box. When shipping takes that long it really clouds the fun for me. If a lengthy shipping process doesn’t bother you then perhaps you might want to try them out?



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