Decluttering My Makeup Collection Part 7 – Eyeshadow Palettes

This one… I knew would it would be one of the hardest. I LOVE palettes. I love using them for a one stop shop for a look. When going through them, I noticed that some I hadn’t event touched… yah.. bad, I know. So I added them to the “Need to use more” pile because I want to give them a fair shot before passing them along.

Before, 61

Here are my 2 drawers before


the container at left was decluttered in my quad post

Passing Along, 12


This was a hard process and I know I didn’t get rid of much but hey, it’s a start.

So the Maybelline palettes were easy to get rid of, they are not good. Some colours are decent, some not pigmented at all.

The Covergirl tru naked, these are good palettes, I own all 3. I just don’t use the gold one (I use the other 2).

The Lorac, it is super cute but I’ve had it for almost 3 years and haven’t touched it.

The top right one is a Laura Mercier holiday palette from last year… I was disappointed in it and never reached for it.

The UD one swatches amazingly but they are just colours I don’t reach for.

The Gosh one was hard to get rid of… but I just don’t use it.

The bareMinerals…. are so nice but I have others from bareMinerals that I prefer.

Need to Use More, 13


These are palettes I have either never used, or need to use more before making a determination on whether I keep them or pass them along. Any suggestions guys?

Keeping, 36

20160828_18543920160828_18561520160828_185308 (1)

My Drawers After – All Organized


I plan on taking out a palette every few weeks to play with. This way, I can get to try all of them in my Need to Try More pile and make a determination.





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