Dollarama Magic Eraser


The question I present you today is… does this $2 Magic Eraser knock off really work??? I tested it out and here’s the results!

I found this gem at Dollaram for $2 and just had to try it!

The fabric is very soft. It reminds me of minky fabric. It’s a little fluffy but doesn’t shed.

All you are supposed to do is wet the cloth with warm water then wash your face with it. Bam! Your makeup disappears like MAGIC! Hence the name 😉

To test it out I did a full face of makeup, including waterproof mascara! Here’s my before and after:

Full Makeup including waterproof mascara. Eyeliner on top and bottom lashes.
Bam! Makeup gone!

I had to help it out with the waterproof mascara and rub ALOT then wash the access off but it removed my makeup rather thoroughly. Everything but the mascara went with minimal effort. Here’s the filthy evidence;

Did it work? Yes in my opinion it did! Would I use it again? Nope. I didn’t personally find it any easier than using micellar water or a facial wipe. Although the knock off version of the Magic Eraser works as claimed, I wasn’t blown away enough to change my routine.

Has anyone else tried this or the original Magic Eraser? Do you actually use it?


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