4 Weird Things All Make-up Wearers Do

It’s that glorious time of year when all the Holiday Gift Sets are making their debut! Nat, Sheena, and I have been swapping reviews, posts, and pics as well as claiming items for our Christmas lists (birthday AND Christmas lists for Nat – lucky duck!). All this overjoyed make-up talk has made me think of all the little rituals people who love make-up do. So here’s a fun list of weird things we all do:

1. You will never wipe your chin with a paper napkin. You will dab ineffectually while trying not to ruin your lipstick and foundation. It doesn’t matter if you spill spaghetti sauce, water, or coffee – your main concern is no longer saving your clothing from a stain – its saving the product!

Related image2. You refuse to let tears run down your face the way gravity intended. Instead you will look up and try to convince those tears to go back into your eyes. Katy Perry admits leaning over at a 90 degree angle so her tears would fall straight to the floor and not damage her fake lashes or stage make-up.

Image result for katy perry crying interview3. You rejoice whenever you find long lost make-up. As the seasons change and you switch your purse you will rejoice at finding a long lost lipstick tucked into a secret pocket. You used to celebrate like this when you found money in a purse … but lipstick is possibly better!

Image result for happy woman4. You are still looking for a better way to clean your make-up brushes. I mean seriously – they need to invent self cleaning make-up brushes. Or at least some sort of dry shampoo!

tired of cleaning makeup brushes5. You always open your mouth when you apply mascara. Seriously, look in the mirror right now and apply mascara – what is your mouth doing? I’m starting to believe that it is physically impossible to apply mascara properly without going slack-jawed.

Image result for woman applying mascara

Do you or your friends have any weird habits when it comes to make-up?

— Missy

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