Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 5, Blushes

This is one of my favourites drawers. I loved how I organized it and I love how pretty the blushes look. I have tons, looks like it came up to 94, and I think that is too much for blush (duh!). What I mean tho is that there is only a certain amount of shades you can have in blush.. it is not as versatile as eyeshadows. I say that, however, I had trouble with this one… lol. I have many that are pretty.

I tried to made this post so that if you didn’t want to read all my explanations of why am I keeping, passing along or putting in the need to use more pile, you could just scroll down and see the story in pictures (I added captions so you know what I am keeping and what I am not).

Before, 91 and 3 palettes (after pictures at the end)


Behold, my collection!! Can you see why it is so hard to go through.. where do I even start? What I decided to do was to group some together, randomly brand by brand and just go through them and decide what I want to keep and not in each batch. This is both less overwhelming for me and also easier to pass along info to you guys in a written format.

Here we go.

Kat Von D


I have 3 of her old discontinued formula and 1 of her new. I am not a fan of her new one. Although the colour is pretty, the pan is pressed very hard and hard to get some pigmentation out of it. I much prefer her old formula, it is buttery and pigmented. Since you cannot get these anymore, I am keeping the 3 from her old formula and passing on the new one.


Minnie Blush and Covergirl tru Blend 


This one was easy, I am keeping all 3. The Minnie one is limited edition and I LOVE Disney so that’s a no brainer and the Covergirl ones I enjoy very much. Pretty colours that go well as blush and highlight.

Random lot – 3 Lise Watier, Hourglass, Shiseido sample and Lancome


From this lot, the easy part was to pass along the Lancome since it is a pink gold and I don’t reach for it.. it is kinda forgettable.

Also, the Hourglass is the colour Mood Exposure and I find it unique, that is a keep.

I debated the 3 Lise Watier and went back and forth. I really like the one in the gray box and the white one is pretty new. The one in the jar is a cream to powder blush and I haven’t tried it much…

The Shiseido I was going to pass on but I have nothing from that brand and I would like to try it.

Final decision:

Passing Along
Need to try more

Too Faced, Nars (sample size), The Balm


The Too Faced, I am keeping both of them. These blushes are nice and buttery and super cute.

NARS, the one on the left is the VIB Rouge colour you get with the renewal of your status and the other one is Deep Throat (the better version of Orgasm). I like NARS blushes so I am keeping both.

The Balm, as you can see they arent used… They are gorgeous and I love the packaging. So since I like them, I will put them in the “need to try more” pile to try more.

Need to try more

Marcelle, Nyx and Laura Geller


NYX, I am not keeping any of these. The pale pink has no pigment, and the other 2 colours are just wrong for me.. so bye bye!

Marcelle, these are nice blushes but I decided to keep only one for the colour only.

Laura Geller, these are gooooorge! I have a double of the big one so I am passing it along.. (even if I wanted to keep it for travel…) and I kept the other colour.

Passing along



Milani has great blushes, I love the rose ones and in the baked, I only got rid of one colour because it has too much glitter. The rest I’m keeping!

Passing along, rest I am keeping

Julep and Tarte


Julep, These deserve more love so I kept all but 1 since it is a dark colour that looks too purple on me.

Tarte, I haven’t given these enough love. I know, I know, everyone loves them. I kept the full size one and passed on 2 of the sample ones simply for the colour.

Passing along



essence, I love these! This is a blush that I use all the time, I just got rid of the darkest colour since it was too dark for me.

the marsk is too glittery, the L.A colors is good but I have better ones in similar shades, the Lorac is going in my need to try more and so is the Annabelle. The jordana was too dark for me.

Need to try more
20160818_183627 (1)
Passing along

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

20160818_181420 (1)

So, I don’t hate these, but I have kept them to try them more.. yah I never reach for them, I never think of trying them. I am passing the, along.

Mai Couture, Dolce, Wet n Wild


Mai Couture, yes, this is blush paper.. it is little sheets of paper you tear out and rub it on your cheeks to apply blush… Not my cup of tea.. pass along

Dolce, this blush is extremely powdery and has a lot of fall out when you dip your brush but man is it gorgeous. soooo gorgeous. It also came with a refill, totally keeping.

Wet n Wild, I love these trios, the pigment is great, blending is good but I will only keep Sunset Junction since the colours are more for me.

Passing along

Clinique Cheek Pop 


I LOVE these, probably my fav blushes ever. I use them a lot. I do have my fav colours, like pink pop, nude pop and heather pop but I will keep them all…. even if some of the shades don’t work for me. They are pretty and they are kinda of a collectors item for me. 🙂 Check out my post on these with swatches! 




I haven’t used the loose ones very much, so after swatching them, I kept the colours I like and put the others in the “need to use more” pile before deciding if I like loose blushes or not.


I kept most of the powder ones except for 1 colour. The top left one, The Natural High.

Need to use more

Makeup Geek


I only have 4 of these, they are her old formula, I don’t have any of the new ones. But I will be keeping all of these.

Blush Sticks

Julep and au Natural


au Naturale, This one is too yellow so bye bye!

Julep, these are nice and are really multi use. I will keep them all except for Golden Guava as it is not a shade I am into right now.

Passing along

Clinique blush sticks

20160818_184217 (1)

Very simple, keeping the top 2 but putting them in the “need to try more” pile and passing along the bottom one since it is dark.

Blush palettes! 

I only have 2… well, 3 but one is a double…

20160818_18432920160818_184308 (1)

As you can see the left Tarina Tarantino is missing a blush. I received this palette from Wantable (yes!) and it came with that shade all broken. So they replaced it with a new palette. I will the one with the missing blush along since I doubt I will finish the palette and so won’t need a backup.

The Tarte is a no brainer, keeping.


There you go, if you made it to the end, you are a trooper!

Keeping, 54 and 2 palettes


Need To Use More, 9


Passing Along, 28 and 1 palette



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