Mini Optimum Points Haul + Reviews


I went in for an eye cream… I came out with a bunch more things that I don’t need lol! Oh well, that’s the life of a makeup junky πŸ˜‰

Annabelle Big Show Waterproof Mascara $11.99


The Annabelle Big Show Waterproof Mascara is probably the surprise hit of the bunch for me! I have a really tough time with mascaras since I have sensitive eyes that water frequently. I basically have to use waterproof mascara and I find that most waterproofs aren’t really all that waterproof… This one has held up really well under the stress that I put it under! I wore it out for long walks in the sun and heat with minimal smudging. It will smudge slightly on the bottom lash but I’ve yet to find a mascara that doesn’t do that.

Soap and Glory You Won’t Believe Your Eyes – Eye Serum $24

I’ve never tried a product from Soap and Glory because I have very limited access to their products. Since I was in the market for an eye cream and they sold one for a reasonable price, I thought I’d try it. BIG TIME REGRET! I actually returned it. It has a pearlescent finish which is a huge no-no for me. I don’t want my eye creams to act like makeup, I’ll use a good quality concealer to brighten – not my eye serum/cream.

When I apply a shiny product like this under my eyes all it does is accentuate my eye bags and fine lines. Not to mention it’s a little odd to bring a highlight by your crows feet… Luckily Shoppers gave me a refund!

Essence I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base $4.99

I used to own this product but in a different shade. At the time it only came in one colour and it was a deeper yellow tone. It looked a little off when I used it so I gave it away. It worked though! I saw that Essence came out with a white-ish shade and decided to retry it. So far I say that it’s a fantastic, $4.99 eyeshadow primer! I’m impressed.

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner (Waterproof) $4.99

I got the shades “She’s got the mauve” (top) and “Peach perfect” (Bottom). I don’t find the actual colours reflected the names they were given but the colours are still really pretty. I played with these before I jumped in the shower and found that they were only sort of waterproof. So long as I didn’t touch them, they’d stay put. If I accidentally rubbed them they’d crumble away. I wouldn’t rely on them to be truly waterproof! I also noticed that “She’s got the mauve” didn’t set on my eyes at all. It felt really tacky. Like my eyelid was sticking to the top of my eye. For that reason I won’t try to that shade. I did play around with “Peach perfect” on the eye and found it set fine but did look chunky. In the end the best use that I’m getting out of them is for a bottom lash liner. They actually work really well for the bottom lash so in the end, I like them and am happy with my purchase πŸ™‚

NYC Get it All 400 ExtraordBERRY $5.99

As mentioned before, I own the shade 102 MOCHAmazing and really love it. I figured I’d grab a more berry toned, fall shade in the same formula but was disappointed when I put it on. It left a huge gap in the middle of my lip that I couldn’t get lipstick to stick to. I don’t have this issue with MOCHAmazing so I may try another shade but I won’t get much use out of this one. It was a fail for me!

Essence Lipstick 04 On The Catwalk $4.99

This is a beautiful brick-red on my lips. The swatch doesn’t do it any justice. It performs exactly as I expected it to. This makes me think that Essence Lipsticks are much more consistent than NYC’s. I will definitely make a point to buy more since they’re affordable, cruelty-free and good quality! I’m so happy I stepped out of my shell and grabbed a red shade too πŸ™‚

Well that’s all I got with my Optimum Points. It felt good to splurge a little on me. I definitely had Fall in mind as I went shopping πŸ™‚




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