Yay or Nay Sunday: Bobbi Brown – Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette

The Holiday kits are coming out! Yes, the madness is starting… Is it me or is it early this year? I mean, Marc Jacobs came out with his Holiday Style Eye-Con Palette in August… yep, August. There are some of the kits available to VIB Rouge this year, before anyone else. This is different than years past and honestly, I likes it. They aren’t all there, about 15 ish or so of them, but still. They also had the 4x points event in the store as well on Sept 10, where they had most of these kits that are now available online to VIB Rouge. Unfortunately the Sephora I went to didn’t get them all in. One of the employees told us that some kits, like the Stila ones, didn’t make it in (boo).

Anyway, I am rambling, let’s get to what you came here for! The Bobbi Brown Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette



I fell in love with the shimmer bricks a while back and I just think they are sooo pretty (highlighters are my weakness). So when I saw that this palette came out, I didn’t even think, I clicked, it arrived, I ouuuuu-ed and awwww-ed.

It is $79 for the palette which sounds expensive. But considering that a full-size single is $54 and these pans aren’t that much smaller (see size / price break down below), It is worth it.

The packaging is beautiful and classic (but some fingerprints can show), black and gold and magnetic!! woo!! It is the same thickness as a single Shimmer brick and also has a big mirror.

I like these shimmer bricks because they offer a great glow to the cheeks, they blend very well and doesn’t leave a streak. Because of the 5 different lines of colour in each pan, you can get pretty much 3 colours out of each pan; by mixing them all together, by using the top 2 bars or the bottom 3 bars (swatches below). I was afraid that the colours, especially the gold, wouldn’t work for me but it is not extremely gold, but I would use just the top 2 bars on that colour.

Price / Size Breakdown

I was really afraid that it was going to be super small pans (like the *cough* Hourglass *cough* holiday palettes), but I was pleasantly surprised. Here is the breakdown

  • Regular Shimmer Brick:  size = 0.4 oz / price = $54
  • Travel size Shimmer Brick: size = 0.14 oz / price = $29
  • Palette Shimmer Bricks: size = 0.34 oz each (total of  0.52 oz) / price = $79 ($26.33 each)

As you can see, they are fairly close to the full size shimmer bricks, and let’s be real, have you ever gone through one!? I find they look smaller than they actually are in the picture below. Maybe it is the angle at which I took the pic….

The palette in the middle with 2 full-sizes for size comparison

Colours and Swatches

This palette features 3 colours, Gold, Bronze and Wild Rose. None are new colours, but 2 out of the 3 are older and no longuer available.

Bronze is a currently available colour. It is available in full-size single on sephora.com, bobbibrown.ca, thebay.com


Gold was a limited edition I think back in winter 2006? It’s an oldie!


Wild Rose – This is a shade from the Spring 2012 Rose Gold Collection


All strips mixed together

Wild Rose, Bronze, Gold

Bottom 3 strips mixed together

Bronze, Wild Rose, Gold

Top 2 strips mixed together 

Wild Rose, Bronze, Gold

Overall, I find this palette worth it. It is a chance to get some discontinued colours, it can create a range of colours and can work for many skin tones. If you like highlighters, or are like me and LOVE Shimmer Bricks, this is for you. This is a Yay for this Sunday.



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