Sheena’s 2016 July/August Faves

It’s been an insane summer and I’ve been super busy! Once again I’m trying to get back in to the swing of things here on the blog. Let’s hope I can do a better job staying on top of things this time! Since I missed July and I’m late on August I thought I’d roll my favourites in to 1 big favourites. The truth is I’ve been spotty with makeup but when I find the time to play, I’ve been having a lot of fun digging through my collection! I have been avoiding buying eyeshadow this year (only bought 1 palette since January) and forcing myself to use what I have. It actually feels really good to make use out of my things. Of course, I have been shopping, that`s never going to change LOL I’ve been focusing on foundations and blush. Things that are missing in my collection.. anyway. Here is what I’ve been up to lately 🙂

Pur Mineral Foundation

I’ve been back in to mineral foundation lately. My fave is from Pur. I love that it’s a pressed powder. It makes it far less messy to use! I was so wrapped up in tinted moisturizers that I forgot how easy this foundation is to use. You can build it up and even use it as a concealer too. I use this foundation for when people are coming over to visit me and the little one and I’ve noticed a steep decline in the amount of “you look tired” comments that I receive.

Wet’n’Wild Blushes


These finally got released in Canada and I scored some at my local Loblaws. I’ve been picking up more blushes lately. Rose Champagne is a very typical “is she wearing blush?” blush. It’s so natural. Pearlescent Pink is a fresh pink that really perks up my face. They are cheap, they last long, and go on smoothly. I can’t wait to find more shades!

ELF Blush Brush


I’m a huge fan of ELF brushes. Curelty Free, Vegan, $4 each, and very good quality! I grabbed this some time ago and didn’t care for it as a blush brush. I instead used it to set my face and under eye because it’s tapered and soft. I tried it again as a blush brush because I was looking to achieve a more precise application of my blush than what I get with my Real Techniques blush brush. This did the job beautifully and I’ve come to realize that is in fact a great blush brush I just need to use it differently than my more fluffy brushes.

Mauve/Nude Lip Sticks

This is more recent… As we exited August and entered September I started to look to those fall shades! These are the lippies that are in my current regular rotation:

NYC Get It All Lip Colour 102 MOCHAmazing – This comes off 90’s brown on my lips and is the only brownish shade that I have found that I can pull off! I think it’s the purple shift it has. It’s slightly duo chromed. It has a very potent sweet smell.

Essence 06 Barely There! – I love these lip sticks! This shade is basically my perfect “your lip but better.” I wear it all the time. I get about 3 hours before I need to reapply. Not bad for a $4 product, eh?

Buxom Centerfold – This is very similar to my beloved Essence lip stick however it’s much richer in colour. I wear this one when I have more makeup on in general. Love 🙂 I think Nat gave it to me as well… thanks Nat! I gave it a good home!

Wet’n’Wild Balm Stain 126 Rico Mauve – I think I might be the only person who likes these. I think they’re $3.99 and they come in a huge range of colours. I feel that they are the lip stain for people who are terrified of colour. Or basic bitches such as myself! I apply them, let them stain my lips for a few minutes then bite down on a piece of toilet paper or something to get off the balm-y access. The stain remains, my lips are moisturized and the colour is very wearable for someone such as myself who is intimated by darker shades. I own a vampy purple shade and a brick red as well. I love them all and will buy more. It’s a great, affordable way for me to get comfortable wearing colour 🙂

BH Cosmetics The Carly Bybel Palette 


This gem has made its way back in to my rotation. I got it in December/January and LOVED it! I used it for like a month solid. As you can see from the pic above, it’s well-loved. I’ve been eyeing the Shaaanxo palette from BH and it prompted me to pull this guy out again. I find the shadows and highlighters to be a bit too buttery but they are gorgeous to work with! You need to tap off the access. Other than that they blend beautifully and the pigmentation is true. My favourite thing about this palette is that it’s just easy to use. I can look at it and instantly know what I’m going to do. It’s so no fuss, perfect for everyday use!

Colourful Eyeliner

In an attempt to use more of my eyeshadows and to be cool like all the kids these days, I’ve been dabbling in using my shadows as colourful eyeliner! I mainly use it on the top of my lid, with a very neutral base/contoured eye, and a slight wing. It’s been a really fun way to add colour. Like wearing sexy underwear and no one really knows but you. As result I’ve been grabbing this old palette from Urban Decay:

I’ve also been using my Makeup Geek Foiled shadows as liner. In particular Mesmerized and Showtime. I think Showtime is my fave actually. The burgundy shade really works well with my green eyes.

So that’s what I’ve been up to! I might not have been doing huge hauls or been able to wear makeup every day but I’ve still been having fun with it! I’m challenging myself to try new things and make the most out of my collection. I admit that it’s really hard to not rush out and buy the new eyeshadow palettes that come out but I feel really good that I’m making use out of my collection. It feels less like I’m wasting my money on makeup if I actually use it!! Plus I get to spend money on things that I’m missing in my collection…. like a decent foundation!


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