Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 3, Eyeliners


I skipped to my little drawer unit I have on my vanity because my mom was over the other night and asked me, “do you have an eyeliner”? I laughed; do I have an eyeliner?? lol of course! So I brought my drawer down so she can try her hand at a wing liner. Since my eyeliners were out, I just decided to declutter them.


I first started by sorting them all by colour then swatching them to see what I want to keep, what is similar, etc. You will see below, I made it a little different. It was easier to just summarize by colour and compare in one paragraph instead of boring you with the same rationales twice.

Before, 58


  • Silver (3): all 3 are nice, I am keeping the Buxom because it is a dark silver. Between the essence and the Julep, they are very similar and nice. Since the Julep is nicer formula and better quality, I will pass along the essence one.
    • Keeping = 2
    • Passing along = 1


  • Blue (6): Again, all my blues are different, so I parted with the 2 that I like the least. One UD and the Marcelle. Even if the formulas are good.
    • Keeping = 4
    • Passing along = 2


  • Turquoise (4): In this, I am keeping the liquid liner one since I don’t have many liquid ones. I like the formula a lot of the Stila one so i’d like to keep it. The UD ones are very similar, so I am passing along the small one.
    •  Keeping = 3
    • Passing along = 1
  • Greens (8): I like that this colour flatters my eyes and it is hard to find a good green, so all the greens are different. I kept the light green as I don’t have anything else like it. The NARS is gorgeous, the Lise Watier is exactly the colour I was searching for, so it is not going anywhere. I am passing along the essence double one, the Julep one and the Stila one since they were the greens that I liked the least.
    • Keeping = 5
    • Passing along = 3
  • Purple (6): I LOVE purple eyeliner, it brings our the green in my eyes. I love the UD formula but the 2 I decided that I would get rid of 2 small ones sine they were similar to others.
    • Keeping = 4
    • Passing along = 2


  • Golds (3): Turns out I only have 1 gold, the Jordana one is actually very dark brown, almost black and sticky… so I am keeping my gold, the UD one. The #MOTD one is dried out and was more copper in colour
    • Keeping = 1
    • Passing along = 2
  • Nude (1):  I only have one, keeping! it is good on the bottom lash line to open the eye


  • Gray (4): I am only passing along the light one from Annabelle. It is gorgeous but I never reach for it like I do the others.
    • Keeping = 3
    • Passing along = 1
  • Brown (15) : I like browns a lot more than black and it is what I wear most of the time. I got rid of some because they were similar, event though I would have liked to keep more! Passing along the Smashbox one cause it annoys me that I have to twist it (even if that makes it sharpened). The Kat Von D, is getting small and smudges a bit. I like a lot of my browns and I use them a lot and alternate, so I am sure I will use them. There are 3 light ones that are a bit pinkish that are GORGEOUS and totally keeping for a fun look.
    • Keeping = 10
    • Passing along = 5


  • Blacks (9): I don’t use black that much but I needed to keep some of course! I got rid of the opened double Kat Von D one and since I had 3 of her black crayon ones, I passed along 2 and kept the others. I like the bareMinerals and the UD formulas so I kept those and passed along the Buxom one.
    • Keeping = 5
    • Passing along = 4



  • Passing Along, 21


  • Keep, 37




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