Nat’s August 2016 Favourites

I can’t believe the summer is over.. teachers and kids are going back to school and September and Fall are around the corner. The summer here has been soooo hot and humid.. We only get a months of warm weather and it was so hot, it was not enjoyable to be outside. boo. Ah well. We complain when its cold and we complain when its hot, life of a Canadian!

Anywayzzzzz, I have been decluterring and some of this stuff comes from that. I love rediscovering things that have been forgotten in the abyss of the collection. So here we go!

Marcelle Sun Bronzer

I was really NOT sold on this bronzer and frankly didn’t want to use it because I was not a fan of bronzers that have shimmer in them. Well, I was wrong. I was doing a daily look that I found left me pretty one-toned. Since I had just decluttered my bronzers (spoiler ahead), and I put this bronzer in the “need to use more” pile before getting rid of it. Well, now this is going in my “keep” pile. It gave me enough colour to not look dead without looking over done. I just swirl my brush in all the colours to apply it to my bronzer areas (hehe) and I use the side of my brush to grab some of the bottom colour to use as a highlighter.




elf complexion brush

I pulled this brush out to use with the Marcelle bronzer because I wanted to have a wider application than the brush I normally use that has a more precise application. It is fluffy but not dense, so it allows for light application that you can build. I hate when you apply a bronzer and it is too concentrated in an area and you have to blend like your arm will fall off. I like to build and blend, not try to erase a big patch on my cheek lol. Anyway, this brush did just great for a soft buildable application.


essence pure Nude highlighter

So this is a “Kathleen Lights made me do it” things. lol. She was right, when you look at this highlight in the pan, meh, when you swatch it, meh, but when you put it on, it niiiice. It is not super intense, but it is great for day to day. For the price of $5.49, it is worth it. Plus, I wouldn’t mind travelling with it since if it breaks, the price is affordable to replace. Essence has some gems, this is one of them!


Maybelline Babylips in 30 Peach Kiss

Totally random, I know! I took this out of my lip balm container one late night when I just needed something for my lips. I kept wearing it and realized it added just a tad of shine on my lips for my day-to-day mom look when I don’t want a gloss. It added enough so that I look a bit more put together than having nothing on my lips. Plus it has SPF 20!


bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB advanced performance cream eyeshadow in Delicate Moss and Blushing Pink

I have mentioned these many times before but I just keep using them and still love them. I wanted a quick eye look with some colour, but subtle, that I can do while my baby is distracted with some toys (so I only have a few moments) so I reached for the Delicate Moss colour. Love! The swatch below doesn’t do justice to the colours, espacially Deliate Moss. It is just a tad green/gray but it also has some sparkles in it that you only see once you spread it on the lid. It adds so much to a simple eye look. Quick look, blends great on the lid, doesn’t crease. yaaas! Sadly I had to get rid of Blushing Pink and 2 others because they went bad 😦 but I will replace!

20160820_130254 (1)


wearing Delicate Moss, Maybelline Babylips and Marcelle Bronzer

What are your favs this month?


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