Yay or Nay Sunday – Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con 20 Palettes- Review and Comparaison

Last holiday, my #1 item on my wishlist to get during the 20% off Sephora sale, was the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con 20 Palette in 224 The Free Spirit. And now, for this holiday season, Marc Jacobs has released another version (a little early) in 240 About Last Night. I just HAD to have it. I will do a review of the new one, 240 About Last Night and do a small comparison at the end of this post with the original from last year.

Right: 224 The Free Spirit / Left: 240 About Last Night


240 About Last Night



This palette has a good variety of mattes and shimmers. Some mattes have some micro glitter in them but just a bit, to me it is still matte enough when it goes on the lid.

I like the looks I can create with the colours of this palette (one below, simple look). I found the mattes very powdery when you dip your brush in them but I don’t mind it that much, just tap your brush off. I would mind if it would leave a bunch of powder on my face or be a mess to blend. They are pigmented but I was able to blend with ease and it didn’t create any patches that I couldn’t blend out.. yes some do shadows (not these) do that.


Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4


Comparison (will refer to the palettes as 240 and 224)

  • 240 has warmer colours
  • Found the colours more pigmented and swatched better in 240. I found some of the colours in the 224 are patchy, mainly in the mattes. The light gray barely has pigment. The grey in the 240 is in-sane.
  • Will reach more for the 240 due the fact that the colours seem to match more where I can easily create looks.
  • The gold packaging of the 240 makes it look a little cheaper than the 224. I find the 224 packaging more luxurious which is what I associate with the price and quality of Marc Jacobs.
  • Only 1 of the colours is the same, the black with silver glitter in it

Overall, you get 20 shades for $124 ($6.20 each) which is a better deal than the Marc Jacobs 7 shadows palette for $71 ($10.14 each). I do like it very much, it is a YAY and I suggest waiting for the Sephora sale in Nov and snag it at %20 off!



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