Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 1, Nail Polish

3CB is on a decluttering kick! I think all 3 of us are in need for some cleaning/organizing/inventoring (?) lol. We have already gathered a bag full of makeup to pass along. They will go to a good home don’t worry! (donating, family, friends, etc.).

So I have started and I am actually excited to do this. This is an opportunity for me to get rid of the things I don’t like/use but also to pull some things in my collection that I haven’t even touched yet… yes, there is lots more than I would care to admit in my collection…

So in my decluttering, you will see 3 piles, give away, keep and need to try. Since I have spent my hard earned money on these items, I do not want to get rid of stuff that I haven’t given a good go at it. The nail polish is one of the only categories that you may not see any in the “need to try” category since I’ve tried all the formulas I own, so it just comes down to the colours.

My first kick at the can is my non-Julep brand nail polish. Why not all including Julep? Well, cause I have TONS of Julep and it be a beast of its own; you will understand once we get to those… (yikes!)

So here we go.



I keep these in a nice white fancy container that I got at Home Sense. One sign that you need to declutter? When the container is overflowing… There was a total of 64 polishes in there.. yah, it didn’t look that bad but yup, it was.

KEEP – 31

I kept most of my big Essie (I love these),

Kept the 3 China Glaze and 2 Zoya.

I did keep most of my pinks as I noticed that it is a colour I noticed a lack in my collection when I was looking for one for my brother’s wedding this past June.



Got rid of all of my small Ciaté since I have had them a long time and I don’t reach for them

A few Essie that I just don’t reach for and some colours that I have in multiples in different brands, like the Ciaté you see at the front.

20160811_195638 (1)

I think this is a great start!! more than half gone. I am not sure that all the declutters will be as substantial but I am glad this could be one of them.

Hope you enjoy these! More to come!


4 thoughts on “Decluttering My Makeup Collection – Part 1, Nail Polish

  1. Hi! I’m curious where you’d donate used make up/nail polish? I have some stuff I’d love to clear out, but friends/family have already passed of half of it. Throwing it out seems like a waste, but I just assumed any place that accepts donations has to throw out unsealed products.

    Thanks for your help!


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