Sephora Collection – Disney Minnie Beauty Collection Part 2

Part 2!!

OMG, I was browsing the drafts blog posts and I completely forgot to finish this one… I know this is past and old news, but I promised part 2 so here it is for those still interested! The palette is still available (as of Aug 4) so you could still snatch it!

We are gonna take a look at the other 2 items I got  from the Sephora Collection Disney Minnie Beauty Collection, the brushes and eyeshadow palette.

Brush up on Glamour – Minnie’s Beauty Tools

So honestly, I haven’t used these much. Why? Cause they look great on my vanity all perked up in the super cute Minnie bow style stand. The brushes are super cute and keep to the theme of the collection with the gold / black polka dots.


The sets includes a liquid eyeliner brush, angle powder, powder, eyeshadow and blending brush. They are Sephora brushes of course and I have had good luck with the ones that I own. These are a little prickly but soften with use. I have to admit though that I don’t really use them cause I find they are super cute on display. The mix of Disney and makeup is perfect for me.


The last item we are looking at is the Minnie’s World in Color Eyeshadow Palette.  You can still find this palette on the Sephora site for $56. The packaging, in good Disney Minnie Collection, is uber cute and is made to look like a clutch. The palette has a notch on the side that can allow you to remove the eyeshadows and just use the clutch as a storage case. My only beef with it is that it has a smell which I am sure just comes from the clutch.


It contains 20 shadows in a nice range of colours. The names are cute and many have Disney references. Like the black, “I’m all Ears” and “Put a Bow On It”. If you look at each column the shadows are well placed to create a complete look. The shadows range in pigmentation as some are very nice and buttery and some are not as pigmented. Overall, I think it’s a decent palette and I have created many looks with it, but it is not worth the $56 if you are only buying it for the shadows. It is very cute and love to have it my collection.



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