Yummy Mummy Pick – Tarteguard SPF30 Sunscreen Lotion

Mr. Sun can be a jerk 
Thank goodness for Tarteguard!

Now that I’m in my 30s, I no longer find my summer freckles cute. I see them as scars from bad sun habits. Even though I never really tanned, I never really burned that bad either (although I DID burn).

Like most people, I read the literature about the importance of sun protection but the message didn’t really sink in because I found sunscreen yucky and cumbersome to apply. That is until I got a serious reality check. At the young age of 32, my good friend had a cancerous mole removed. Thankfully the cancer was caught early and did not cause too much disruption in her life, but she now lives with a fairly large scar on the back of her calf where she missed putting on sunscreen for 3 decades. She’s also the mom of two little girls. it was scary for her friends and family to know that we could have lost her if she hadn’t spoken up at the doctor’s and asked to get that mole checked. Her story made me rethink my view of sunscreen as optional in my daily life. SPF is no joke – it is lifesaving.

My go-to sun protection used to be the Ombrelle SPF 15 spray. I liked it because it wasn’t thick but it had a serious astringent smell and it made my face pretty oily. I also hated spraying it near my young daughter since it would make us both cough. I have never liked cream sunscreens because I find them thick, pore clogging, and they can give off the telltale sunscreen look and smell.

It is for all those reasons why I’m singing the praises of Tarteguard in this post. This product gives you all the numerous health and skin care benefits of an SPF 30 sunscreen but it feels like a luxurious moisturizer. It is lightweight and breathable with a delicate scent that fades almost immediately. It has a similar texture to a high end primer and melts into the skin just as well.

I also think it is kind of neat that this product is non-chemical, vegan and, hypoallergenic.

The only downside to this product is the price – $40CAD for 1.7 oz makes me cringe! I mean sunscreen is by no means cheap but I can get a lot more SPF for half the price. But after literally scraping my Sephora sample sizes dry, I will admit that this product is worth it! I find one pump is enough to cover my entire face. Because the lotion feels so great I’ll even sacrifice another two or three pumps to get my chest and arms covered. It’s seriously a great product and should be a must have in any travel bag. I have now made this product my daily moisturizer and I will recommend it to any other reluctant sunscreen users.

How do you keep your skin protected?

— Missy

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