Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection – A Review

**I was just made aware of the fact that Becca / Jaclyn Hill pulled the Eye Palette from stores due to its consistency. I will leave the post up as my experience with the palette was positive. You can just read the Face Palette review if you want. Enjoy! – Nat**

More pieces of the Becca and Jaclyn Hill Collaboration Collection.Today we are looking at the Champagne Collection Face Palette and the Champagne Collection Eye Palette.


I like the shiny gold package that these come in! That was my first observation, hehe. The face palette is also encased in a nice white top. The top is an overlay that is a soft plastic. I thought it was very nice and different but then I noticed how easily to could come off. It took me a while to think of what it reminded me and then I found out what it was, those old 3D stickers I used to have as a kid. But of course, fancier lol. I actually still like the overall packaging, it is a big palette, that feels nice and luxurious.


3D stickers I used to have as a kid
You can see that my palette, the corner was starting to unstick already.

The palette has 3 blushes and 2 highlighter. They are all beautiful and swatch great. I think it’s cute that the names of the colours are drink related, keeping in the theme of champagne pop, however I don’t get the Pamplemousse.. that’s grapefruit in french.. did I miss it? Is there a drink called simply Pamplemousse? (I’ll Google that later). I do wish that the names of the colours where written on the palette itself and not have the plastic insert but on the bright side, the names are at the back of the palette so I will forgive that.



So I used the face palette to create a full face look. Since all the colours won’t work for my skin tone as intended and Prosecco Pop is too gold for my skin, I wanted to try them as eye shadows too. They actually worked great on my lids too. I used Rose Spritz all over the lid, Amaretto in the crease and Prosecco Pop in the inner corner of the eye. On my cheeks I have Pamplemousse with Champagne Pop.

All in all this is a good palette, good size for the value ($62 CAD) and some nice shades. But, they don’t all work for every skin tone. If you do like a did, you could almost have a full face in this and you can bring it travelling. But a word of caution, the Becca powders tend to break easily as they are soft and buttery.

Was it worth it for me to get? To review yes, as a collection item yes, as an every day user.. probably not. I’m usually not a fan of the blushes like Rose Pop (with the gold undertones in it.. kinda like NARS Orgasm), I already own Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop is too gold for me.

Onto the face palette! If I would do it again, I would just purchase this palette and not the face one too. Why? cause I don’t own many palettes of these shades and also these are my 1st Becca shadows.


Again, the packaging is gorgeous. The palette is thin, sleek, love the gold and the mirror is nice and big. As the face palette, it comes with an insert with the names on them, but this one too has the names of the items at the back of the palette.



The colours are beautiful, I found they are pigmented, blend well and I could produce a few look with this without fault. It can stand on its own for a palette with my only comment that it could be missing for me is a matte brow highlight.


I created this simple look using Cordial in the crease, Champagne Toast on the lid, Cognac on the outer corner of the eye and Chardonnay in the inner corner and as a brow highlight.


Overall, I really like the palette. I am going away for a weekend and I have already packed it in my makeup bag.

Overall, the collection feels luxurious, (must be all the shine and gold), good quality, pigmentation and overall nice. Between the 2 palettes, I would for sure recommend the eye one if they bring it back or you can get your hands on it. I would pass on the face one since one colour I can’t use and I would just get a blush on its own, not counting that I already have Champagne Pop in a single.

I hope you enjoyed this!


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