Missy’s July 2016 Favorites – Gym Bag Edition

July has been quite the month for me. I’ve embraced a healthy new lifestyle change – namely going to the gym at lunchtime (when I’m not working through lunch). Even a small change like taking an hour out of my workday to walk to the gym, work out, get un-sweaty, and walk back is a big deal and takes planning! So this month I’m going to focus on products that take me from the gym to the boardroom.

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Cool Essential Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant in Cucumber and Green Tea Scent


Even though I was sporty in high school, I dropped gym during my final year because I HATED being sweaty and having to sit in a classroom, and let’s face it there was never enough time to shower. This is why I rebelled being a lunchtime gym person.  I also used to gag at the sweet smelling products that classmates (and probably myself) used to try to cover up the smell of BO and stale sweat – NOTE: Strawberry scented BO is somehow worse than regular BO.

Stinky problems are solved by this lovely Dove anti-perspirant/deodorant combo.  This product boasts to offer “24-hour odor and wetness protection” but in reality, it makes a good shield against the worst of sweat and smells. I like that the scent is crisp and subtle. I recommend putting one layer on before the workout and then another layer after your workout is done. This might be TMI but I find this product is awesome for keeping me fresh for the afternoon and my clothes dry.


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo


An Allure “must have for gym bag” product this great item is worth all the precious space it takes up in my gym bag. What’s great is that it makes my hair look AND smell clean. I do the same trick with the deodorant where you apply before and after the workout.

Crappy Paper Towel


This is not a product you can necessarily buy, but rather a tool you can use. Some people will surely differ with this promotion but I find dabbing (not wiping) my sweaty face after a cardio session with a crappy, generic, institutional paper towel absorbs the sweat but leaves my make-up in place. I find I very rarely have to reapply powder or other face makeup when I do this trick even after a crazy sweat session.

Ribbon Hair Ties


I love these hair ties for 3 reasons. (1) they look adorable (2) they absorb sweat and (3) they don’t leave kinks in my hair. I grab these hair ties whenever I find them on sale.

Berry Lip Stain


A good berry lip stain is the perfect complement to a flushed face after a workout. I currently love any berry color by Tarte.

As always I wish I was contributing to the blog more often than I am. But I hope everyone can cheer me on for getting back to the gym because it has been a process to get me back to working out and trying to be a healthier role model for my daughter.

What are your gym bag must-haves?


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