The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation


I’m on a mission. I need a new foundation that is medium – full coverage, long wearing, and preferably not dewy or luminous finish. I also happened to get a gift card for a local mall that didn’t have a Sephora in it but it did have a Body Shop! Back in the day I used to love The Body Shop makeup so I thought I’d try one of their foundations using my mall gift card. I’ll let you know right up front… this is going back to the store! I love so many of the products from The Body Shop but this one… Nope. Not for me. Here’s why…

Ok so a quick overview of the product first. The Body Shop describes the Fresh Nude foundation as a moisturizing foundation with light-medium coverage and a semi-matte finish. Sounds exactly like what I was looking for!


It’s even packaged in your standard glass jar with pump and sells for $25. Not a bad price. Only slightly more than L’Oreal products but substantially less than Sephora brands. The Body Shop is also cruelty-free which makes me feel good about buying stuff there!

The foundation itself is extremely liquidy. They don’t market it as a water foundation but I think that they potentially could have.

You can see it run down my hand as I tilt my hand!

As per the recommendation of the sales lady who helped me I stippled it in my skin. I didn’t care for how that turned out. I preferred the look of it when I used my beauty blender. I was able to get a medium coverage and it didn’t look cakey with my beauty blender. It also managed to last on my face during a walk in +30C heat.

The Fresh Nude foundation certainly has a lot of good things going for it however it also has a fatal flaw! The smell. OH. MY. GOD. It has so much perfume in it that my husband could actually smell it off of me! It competes with my own perfume. I can smell it for hours after I apply it. It gives me a massive head ache. It’s terrible and I will never wear it as result. It smells like a heavily floral perfume that someones grandmother might wear. What were they thinking?


So much potential! This foundation appeared to last through sweat, had an amazing colour match, cruelty free and a lovely finish.

But that wretched stench makes it a dud in my books.


Quick update: I took back the foundation on July 18, after this post was written but not posted. The Body Shop had a really easy return policy. I chose to exchange for something else but they offered a full refund if I wanted. I’d say if you don’t mind fragarance then this would worth a shot, especially knowing you can get a refund 🙂 

2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

  1. I have this and the smell didn’t bother me too much. I didn’t remember it lingering? Hmm. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I like the light/medium finish but it’s more of a winter time foundation for me.


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