Jouviance Discovery Kit – A Review


I was poking around Shoppers and noticed this kit on sale for $11.99 from $15.00. I’d never noticed this brand before but it turns out that they are from Montreal! I had to give them a try once I noticed that so I picked it up. I’ve been using this skin care kit for nearly a month now. I’m just about to run out so I thought it was a good time to sit down and write about my thoughts on the Jouviance Discovery Kit.

The Company 

According to their website… Jouviance was established in 2003. The company proudly boasts that a team of dermatologists and biochemist collaborated to created their first anti aging cream. They seem to infer that this is unique… They have created a skin care line, perfume and a makeup line! And of course, they are from Montreal so they’re Canadian 🙂

The Kit


The kit retails for $15 and contains for premium sample sized products; a cleanser, eye serum, eye cream and a moisturizer. The entire kit has lasted me just over 3 weeks and as I write this I am still using it but I need to really squeeze the remaining product out. I think receiving enough product to last you nearly a month is a great way to decide if a skin care line suits you. The $11.99 that I paid, or even the full retail price of $15, is worth it in order to dip your toe in to an expensive brand without dropping a ton of money right away.

The Cleansing Gel


This is the 1 product that I haven’t used all that much of. I like my current cleansers. I tried it out and found that it didn’t seem to dry me out. It didn’t wow me either. I will keep this for travel because it is good but I feel that for the price ($24), I can find better for less money.

The Eye Serum & Eye Cream

I have to mention these together because I use them both together! I go in first with the eye serum. As I wait for my skin to drink it up, I apply the moisturizer on the rest of my skin then I go back in and apply the eye cream last. I followed what I interpreted was the recommended order from the packaging. To me, it feels like I’m applying 2 eye creams. The serum has a thin cream texture. The eye cream is only slightly thicker. My eye area soaks them both up within a few minutes. I don’t notice any tightness around my eyes and they do not dry tacky. This is great because it makes applying makeup over them a million times better. Some times I struggle with dryness around the eyes and I feel as though this duo has been helping that without causing irritation. There is no scent, sun screen or eye irritants. Unfortunately, they are expensive… about $40 each. For that reason I hesitate on buying the full size. It would make this system $80. I’m not seeing miracles here so I don’t feel comfortable with shelling out that kind of dough!

The Moisturizer


The anti-oxidant moisturizer is a different story than the eye serum & cream. It’s also very thin in texture but smells of citrus! It reminds me of the Andalou Natural Renewal Cream. I quite enjoyed that cream however I found that it just wasn’t quite rich enough for me. It left my skin wanting a little more. The Jouviance Moisturizer was able to get a lot closer to the moisturization that I need and so I found myself reaching for my beauty oils a lot less. I just didn’t feel the need to add a little something extra as frequently as I have had to in the past with other creams that I’ve used. I interpret this to mean that the cream is providing my skin with what it needs so I already went out and bought the full-sized version. You can find it at Shoppers for $50 however it was on sale for $40 and I used Optimum points so it was free to me 🙂


I think that Jouviance has a lot to offer. Their skin care appears to actually work by combating dryness and itchiness. They include high quality ingrediants and exlcude irritants. Sadly they are quite expensive and so some people might not be able to invest in the brand. The kit does take the guess-work out of it so if you were curious about them I’d encourage you to look for it! I’m really glad that I did and am looking forward to trying more from this Canadian company.



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