More butter isn’t always better!


It’s true! At least it is in my humble opinion.

“Buttery” is the adjective of choice when describing powder (powder products like foundations, shadows, highlighters… Etc) textures and sometimes it feels like makeup companies took that to heart and did everything they can to ensure that a swatch of their products was more buttery than the rest! Bloggers, Beauty a gurus, Vloggers… We all use the word buttery to describe makeup we love. But is the more buttery the powder always better? Let me present to you a case as to why the more buttery the powder does not necessarily mean better!

Exhibit A

The more buttery the product, the more fragile it can be!

  • Becca Champagne Pop
  • Makeup Geek first version of foiled shadows
  • BH Cosmetics Carly Bybel palette

What’s worse than paying serious money for a Becca Highlighter only to find that it’s broken before you can even get it home? Or how about ordering something from the US to find that the shadows you’ve been coveting have exploded in the mail? Or perhaps buying a palette that should be great for travel but contains products that will break if knocked too hard?

Champagne Pop from Becca notoriously broke for many die hard fans, breaking their hearts with it 😦

I’m just a consumer. I’m no expert. I have observed that there seems to be a critical point with buttery texture in powder products and once that point is reached the product becomes fragile. It can crumble. It can explode. It can fall apart of just gently nudged. It’s my opinion that makeup should be durable enough to toss in a bag and go somewhere with! If you spend serious dough on a high end Becca highlight only not to be able to take it with you on a destination wedding, wouldn’t that sort of suck? I think it does. Becca makes great products, I pick on them because they’re also expensive. I recently bought the BH Carly Bybel palette and loved it! Sadly one of e highlighters in it broke while sitting in my cupboard. It broke while sitting in my cupboard doing nothing! My guess is I set something on top of it and it caused it to break. That’s never happened to any of my other products before so I’m inclined to blame the uber soft texture of her palette.

These examples lend to my point. If the product in question is so super buttery that it is hard to store and can’t be travelled with then isn’t it too buttery for its own good? What are we gaining from that texture?

Exhibit B

There are a lot of great products out there that are considered “stiff.”

  • Lorac Unzipped
  • MAC shadows
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Generally speaking Tarte blushes, MAC shadows and the Lorac Unzipped are faves in the beauty community. Now I only own a small amount of MAC shadows and the ones I own aren’t insanely buttery but they are lovely to work with! They build up nicely, they blend well and last a very long time on the lid! I never have issues with them sliding around after applied or muddyness. The same can be said with my Lorac Unzipped palette. My Tarte blushes are almost hard but they have nice pigmentation and look beautiful on the cheeks. In other words, they all work as they should yet they lack that insane butter texture.

Lorac Unzipped is a well loved palette that isn’t exactly the most buttery in texture.

So while I’m not suggesting buttery is bad, it is a feature I look for since to me it indication pigmentation and how well something blends, it’s not the only thing with should consider. I would happily give up some of that texture to ensure the product is stable. I also really care to hear if a product is true to colour in the pan and if it builds up nicely! I personally think it can be all of these things without being insanely buttery to the point where it crumbles and transfers on the lid. And that is why I say it is possible for a product to be too buttery.

2 thoughts on “More butter isn’t always better!

    1. That’s fair. To each their own! I only recently found out that they were no longer considered cruelty free and so I won’t be repurchasing them. It sucks that they changed their policies because I really love a few of their products.


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