Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub


I’ve chosen to breastfeed and as result I’m feeling very dehydrated lately! My skin is extra dry due to the dehydration and also because hormones are jerks. I’ve been having a tough time with dry patches so I decided it was time to overhaul my skin care routine! I needed to add exfoliating (and toning) to my skin care arsenal to help combat insane dryness! This is how Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub entered my life!

I’m afraid of exfoliating because in my experience it brutalizes the skin. I’ve tried everything in the past and found that it had a tendency to actually hurt and turn my face bright red. In hindsight I’d guess that this was due to ingredients being present that I’m sensitive to.  This time around when I decided to give exfoliating with a cleanser another shot I paid careful attention to the ingredients ensuring that there wasn’t a high instance of irritants. There isn’t much in Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub that can aggravate the skin – so bonus!

The actual exfoliant is a concern for me too. I find exfoliating cleansers aren’t gentle and I can feel them as they abrasively scrape along my skin. The particles that achieve exfoliation are tiny within Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub. As you can see, they are hardly visible.


As I wash my face with this cleanser I feel a little like I’m using a very finely milled sand. It doesn’t hurt but it’s not pleasant. Of course this could just be the complaints of a gal who in general dislikes exfoliating cleansers because I must admit to loving my skin!

The unpleasantness aside, my skin feels smoother than ever. My makeup isn’t getting stuck on dry patches and looks much nicer as result. And, well. You can’t argue with results! So while the process of using Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub is not one that I enjoy, I certainly love the look it gives my skin! The Say Yes line can all be found at Shoppers, it’s entirely biodegradable, cruelty-free and affordable. This is a fantastic product that I will grudgingly use!



One thought on “Yes to Grapefruit Uneven Skintone Daily Facial Scrub

  1. Have you tried acid exfoliating as opposed to physical ones like this? Things like the Pixi Glow Tonic, Nip + Fab Glycolic Pads or the First Aid Beauty pads all exfoliate dead skin off the face but without actually using physical beads or little grains. It’s a little bit science-y but basically the acid in the product loosens the dead skin without being abrasive. Since I started doing it I haven”t suffered with flaky skin at all but its important to use SPF because it makes the skin a little more sensitive to UV rays. If you’ve heard of Caroline Hirons she’s a very knowledgeable skincare blogger who talks about this a lot you should check her out!


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