NEW NYX Butter Glosses – New Shades

I was happy to hear that NYX released 12 new shades of their Butter Glosses because I love these!


I got 6 of the 12 new shades and I ordered them on the NYX Canada website. I have never ordered from them before and I was curious to try and see what kind of service I got. Well, I am happy to report that the price of each of the glosses were $8 each, which is much cheaper than what they sell them at Shoppers and Rexall (at least 10.99 each). Also, shipping is free over $45 which is not too bad, I find it easy to get over that mark… Lastly, I ┬áreceived the glosses in 2 days! That is great shipping ­čÖé

Here are the 6 shades that I purchased with just betting on the swatches online..

Left top to bottom:

  • Raspberry Pavlova – Red Brown
  • Sunday Mimosa – Light Peach
  • Peach Crisp – Peach (I can already tell, this shade will look horrible on me…)

Right top to bottom:

  • Pink Buttercream – Coral with pink
  • Strawberry Cheesecake – Warm Pink
  • Sugar Plum – Lavender

I still love these and for the past couple months, even if gloss is in season right now, I am not into the high shine glosses. These offer pigmentation and just enough shine, the perfect combo. I do find that the lighter shades apply easier and evenly but that doesn’t meant that the more pigmented ones aren’t wearable, well at least for the shades that I tried.

The same yummy desert smell invades these and the names are so delicious!

I do recommend ordering on the website if you don’t want to wait for these to hit the store shelves or want to pay less for them. Now I am off to check out the other 6 shades and the new 12 shades of the intense butter glosses!

Did you get these? If so, let me know which shade to pick up next!


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