Makeup Must-Haves for Your Everyday Makeup Drawer

Technically mine’s a basket… the idea of the “every day makeup drawer” has been floating around on youtube for a little while now. I definitely incorporated it in my own makeup storage because it’s super easy and convenient. I rounded up my core staples that I never swap out of my every day makeup basket because they’re just so darn practical! Here we go:

The gap filler palette 

By gap filler palette I mean that palette that has all the core basics that one needs for a look! A brow bone highlight, transition shade, and a base shade… Not only is a basic palette like this fantastic for everyday makeup looks but its also really helpful for when you’re using a palette that only has high shine colours or a poor range of colour selection. My top pick for a gap filler palette? Urban Decay Naked Basics (1 or 2) or the Tartlette palette! I use both frequently! They’ve made many of my other palettes way more wearable and for that reason they are a staple in my everyday makeup basket!

A quick to apply foundation 

We all have those days. The ones where you’re in a rush but you feel like you look like death. That’s why we all need a quick to apply foundation in our everyday makeup basket! One the requires minimal effort to apply, blends easily and gives your skin that little something something that it’s missing. My top pick? Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. Don’t act like you didn’t see that one coming 😉


That lippie that goes with anything 

You all know exactly what I’m talking about here! That lip product that you can put on without a mirror and is so “you lip but better!” Mine tend to be lip glosses. One of my all time faves are the BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses! Easy, colourful and for a gloss – long lasting.


Flexible brushes (double duty brushes)

When you’re in a rush nothing eats up time like rifling around for brushes! I love having my most used brushes in my everyday makeup basket. My most used brushes tend to be the ones that double up for multiple uses. One of my faves, this Smashbox Double Ended brush. Crown brushes makes similar styles as well. I love that it has a fluffy blending side with a thicker, lay down your colour side. This brush is so perfect for when I do a single shadow look. Lay down that colour, flip brush, blend out the edges and BAM! You’re on your way 🙂


That one and done shadow!

Speaking of single shadow looks… I think everyone can benefit from having a few go-to single shadows in their arsenal. Only using one shade takes the thought out of application. You can dress it up more with liner or leave it be as is for a basic look. A great example of a single eyeshadow that makes for a great look on it’s own? Makeup Geek Prom Night! It’s a multidimensional shade that transforms when sheered out! Love it 🙂


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