Nat’s May Favourites

Holy Moly, this month has flown by! It was the best month that I have had in a while. Not only did I celebrate my first Mother’s Day but my little baby girl was discharged from the hospital and finally came home with us, where she belongs. It has been the best time ever. I will take the lack of sleep and stinky diapers over the back and forth trips to the hospital and the emotional and physical drain that came with not having your baby home for 10 weeks of her precious life.

I haven’t done much makeup being home with the wee one but I do have a few things I want to mention. Much like Sheena, I spend most of my time at home now and I like to get ready to feel human again! But I have learned to embrace my makeup free face.. I don’t have much of a choice LOL.


Minnie’s Inner Glow Luminizer Blush

You can see my full post on these here if you want to read more. But in a nutshell, I like this blush to just add a bit of flush of colour to my tired face. It makes my face look more healthy and awake.

Covergirl trunaked The Roses Palette

I needed to reach for something quick that would add just a bit of colour in an easy way. This palette delivered that for me big time. I can make a quick, pretty look that it easy to put together with this palette, and that’s just what I did! Read my full review here.


Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

I did a lot of crying in the month of May. It was a roller coaster of emotions so I needed a mascara that could pack a punch on my lashes, even without an eyeliner, and that would not run down my face in I broke down at the hospital. I used it so much, I need a new one lol. I found my lashes looked lush, thick and beautiful with this one.


I know this is a short one this month, but this is what really stood out! What were your favs??


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