Sheena’s May 2016 Favourites


My go-to look is “not tired.” I spend most of my time at home now. I like to get ready and freshen up laregly to make myself feel better. Not that I used to get ready to impress others in the past… but now that I have a baby taking the time to get ready is “me time” that I relish. Some times it takes me a couple naps to finish puting my makeup on, sometimes I can do it all in 1 naptime! It’s a bit of a juggle but totally worth it 🙂 Here’s what’s been working for me for the month of May!


I’ve been using the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream or sometimes the Andalou Tinted Moisturizer. Between the 2 I prefer this one because it has better coverage and an accurate SPF rating.


I stole Nat’s photo of this… haha! We bought the same thing. In fact, she recommended it to me. It’s the BareMinerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer. I think I hauled it a while back… anyway. Last month I was using the pair of NARS concealers that I have. This month I found myself skipping colour correction due to lack of time. The BareMinerals concealer is a little thicker than the NARS vanilla so it works a bit better on it’s own. The NARS vanilla is amazing for layering (and is an amazing concealer all around) but since I’m skipping the colour correction I’m all about a concealer that looks good by itself.


I tried the Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara in waterproof before and didn’t like it. It crumbled away on me. Since it’s a holy grail for so many people I tried it again and found that it lasted so mush better than my last tube did! No smudging, crumbling, or anything of that nature! I must have got a bad tube. Now that it’s been open a bit, I’m not sold on how it builds. That being said, to date it’s one of the better mascaras that I’ve tried.


I’ve mentioned my Kiko bronzer so many times that I had several pictures in our catalogue to choose from! No need for a new one! Seriously, best bronzer that I own. I expect to hit pan soon. This is makes me proud and a little shocked. I’m not a bronzer kind of gal however this one just does something for me. Love it!

In addition to the newbies of my regular rotation I’ve also still be loving my MAC palette, Laura Mercier setting powder and various lip glosses from BareMiners, Julep and Tarte. Sometimes I spruce things up even more with my Hourglass palette and some blush 🙂 Those are rare days though!


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