Battle of the Brow Gels!

Ding ding ding!!! Let the battle brows begin! I like the coloured gel products on the market now. I find them easy on a day-to-day look when I don’t want to sculpt/define my brows like on a full makeup day. I usually go straight for my benefit Gimme Brow, which I adore (more on it below) but I was prompted to look into an alternative when I saw that the canadian price for it went up from $28 to $30, which prompted me to look for cheaper alternatives.. pff $28 was already expensive enough.. thank you canadian dollar…  So I found 3 alternatives (without looking really hard..) from drug store to high end. Let’s get into it!

Let me start by saying that if you are in Canada, all of them hold the pro of being able to purchase them at Shoppers Drug Mart where you can eventually use your points and get it for free. So whatever option you chose for you, you could always get it with points!

My other point is that these are all tinted brow gels meant to fill in your brows. They need brow hair to adhere to. If you have little eyebrow hair, this product won’t do much for you and may not be right for you.

Clinique just browsing brush-on styling mousse – $21


I have to say that this one impressed me but it took a bit. I have been trying it a lot and at first I wasn’t convinced. I think it’s because it is a dryer formula than the Gimme Brow. But it fills in nicely and it has a much larger range of colour.


  • price of $21, nine cheaper than the Gimme Brow
  • comes in 4 colours for a better match (compared to the 2 shades of the gimme brow)
  • fills in brows nicely
  • not wet
  • good small brush allowing for more precision


  • small bottle 0.07 oz
  • price recently raised from $16, which is the price when I purchased mine.
  • dryer formula, so it doesn’t set your brows in place


essence make me brow – $4.99


I liked the colour of this one and I found it ok. It is what you would expect for the price. As you can see in the swatch above, it is less pigmented. essence is basically a knock off benefit. And as you can see from this bottle, it almost looks identical.


  • good colour
  • inexpensive
  • slightly bigger bottle


  • not very pigmented
  • need to apply more to have the coverage I wanted
  • brush slightly bigger, less precision
  • only 2 colours
  • wet formula, took longuer to dry


Marcelle Perfect Brow – 12.95 (seen as low as 9.07)


This one I didn’t use much because it was a disaster from the beginning. It is very wet, as you can see from my 1 swatch and the amount of product that applied on the 1st go, well, it was wayyyy too much. I’ll just add pictures.. you will see the disaster brows.. they were stuck on they were so wet. lol


  • price is good
  • colour is good


  • way to wet
  • applies too much product at once then it is hard to spread how you want
  • wand is too long and the angle takes a little getting use to



benefit gimme brow – $30


This one is my favourite, but again, it gets a lower rank because of the price.


  • fills in brows perfectly
  • adds coverage that I am looking for
  • decent bottle (0.10 oz)
  • locks brows in place, not as long as clear gel but decent enough


  • price



In a nutshell: I wouldn’t purchase the Marcelle again, even for the price, I still prefer the benefit one over them all but the price kills it for me. I would get the essence one if I was on a budget but in the end, for the price and quality, I will keep getting the Clinique one. Maybe on a Shoppers Optimum points day, I may treat myself to the Gimme brow.


1 – CLINIQUE: the price bumps it from 2nd place to 1st place




Have you tried these? Do you agree with my assessment?

Let me know your thoughts below!


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