Recent Makeup Duds #2

Recently I wrote a makeup duds post. This was a little older because I wasn’t able to finish it before the baby showed up. Since then I’ve accumulated a few more so here we are, round 2!

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstain

I admit that I’m a little on the fence for this one… The NYX Liquid Suede lasted all day. The colour was really beautiful. It just felt quite uncomfortable. It dried me out a little and I was self conscious of my lips every time I wore this product. I put gloss over it to help moisturize my lips and it definitely improved but I still found myself worrying and fussing over my lips.

NYX Cream Contour Palette

This palette was WAY too dry! I’m not even sure someone with oily skin could use it… it’s a shame too because the colour selection is great. If the consistency was easier to work with I would have totally loved this palette. Sadly, it dried out my under eyes and that is a sin that I just can’t forgive.

Wet’n’Wild Stay Wild Trios


Glitter bombs and hardly any pigmentation. They had a chunky and dry texture. – unwearable to me. It’s so unfortunate too. I loved the look of them in the pan.

Essence Highlighter

Another attack of no pigmentation!! This product was a $2 impulse buy. It reminds me of the Maybelline bouncy blushes (is that what they’re called???) in texture however there was no pay off when I tried to apply the highlighter. I love Essence but this highlighter is just lack luster.

And that’s it for round 2 of my makeup duds! Hopefully there won’t be a round 3 any time soon!






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