Nat’s April 2016 Beauty Favourites

April has been a blur… I can pinpoint times that were great and others not so great. But all in all, I have enjoyed my makeup game this month. I don’t believe in doing favourites including only new items, as I often revisit old classics or just decide to pull things out of my collection to use. So you will notice that in my favourites, I may mention old items or items that I have mentioned in the past. I find if they come back and still are favourites, that is  GREAT sign. hehehe

Too Faced Chocolate BonBon Palette

ok, so after all that, I mention a newer item. hehe. I have really enjoyed the looks that I have gotten out of this palette. My favourite has been using the gold colour Molasses Chip. Not only does this palette smell great but I find the shades go well together to create so many looks and the formula is smooth and long lasting. A win.




Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Sadona Sands and Niagara Overlook

These are an oldie but a goodie, looks like they were in my favs in April of 2015 hehehe. The crayons are amazing. They feel great on the lips, last long enough and easy to reapply. They also apply evenly which I find is a plus because some of them I have to pass over and over again to get the pigmentation I want. Not with these. Plus, they are drug store price. Sodana Sands is a perfect everyday colour and has lived in my purse this month and Niagara Overlook is a nice peachy with some pink. I like it when I want to brighten my face.


Sorry about the pic of sadona sands, I, of course cannot find it even though I wore it a couple days ago… so I had to reuse and old photo. It has a julep gloss in it too, and as a bonus, still one of my fav glosses 😉

Niagara Overlook

Marc Jacobs Outliner Longwear Lip Pencil in Primrose combined with Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Pepper

I got this sample of the liner in the Sephora Favorites Gimme Some Nude Lips kit and I LOVE IT. I don’t wear lip liner often but when I do, I prefer dos aquis… lol… ok bad joke, I wear this one. It is my perfect nude lip liner. Period. I can wear it on its own without feeling like my lips are dry and I also love wearing it with a gloss. However my favourite way has been to combine it with Bite Beauty’s Luminous Creme Lipstick in Pepper. It is the perfect combo and lasts a long time. The liner is also smooth as butter and applies amazingly. I think I have to add this one to my November 20% off Sephora sale and get the full size one.



left Pepper, right Primrose

essence Silky Touch Blush in Sweetheart

Another oldie but goodie. I was able to snag another of these babies for $0.99 on clearance at my local shoppers and I jumped for joy because I plowed through my other one and well, can you go wrong with that price?! I already loved the blush, and would pay it’s full price… of… I think 2.99? It can’t me more than 5 bucks I am sure of it. The color is fantastic, goes with everything, the pigmentation puts some high end blushes to shame, it is buttery and lasts! I love this one.


What were your favs this month??


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