Yay or Nay Sunday – Lancome Miracle CC Cushion – Green

This week we explore the every so popular (current) trend of colour correcting using the Lancome Miracle CC Cushion – Color Correcting Primer in Green.




Lancome pretty much started the trend of these “cushion” products with their foundation that came out quite a bit ago. But then, L’Oreal came out with their Lumi Cushion foundation and now the trend has taken off.

The colour corrector retails for $45 and comes in 4 shades to help target the issue you may be having.

  • 01 – Green – redness
  • 02 – Purple – dullness / sallowness / yellowness
  • 03 – Pinky Peach – darkness
  • 04 – Yellow – redness / dullness

I got mine during the last VIB sale to save 15% and chose to get the green one as I have redness in my cheeks, but I would be open to trying the others for sure as maybe another shade could be other things for my skin, such as the yellow colour.

The packaging is super cute, same as the L’Oreal Lumi foundation but a tad smaller as far as product content.

I found the colour correction pretty effective. You can see from the swatch below it is like a white/light green. It removes my redness pretty well and after some light coverage foundation and concealer, it’s like OMG I am one toned lol.


I like it, it removes what I need it to, it blends well, it is not dry and is buildable. The only down side I see to it is that I wouldn’t wear it on its own to just mask some redness on a minimal makeup day since you can see it a little, like a bit if a white cast on the skin. It doesn’t show through light coverage foundation or a cc cream so that’s good.

I cannot speak to if it makes the makeup last longuer as I haven’t really noticed a difference, but it does act as a primer to reduce the colour that I need.

You can see from the pic, on the left is before and the right is after.. just don’t mind the dry nose, allergy season!! In the pic, this is before I applied foundation and concealer.

Overall I give it a Yay and I think it’s worth a try. Is it worth $45, well to me that is a little expensive. So maybe keep it on your list if it comes out at Shoppers for a redeem-your-points-day or for the sale in November at Sephora to get %20.


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