Upping My Shaving Game – The Lady Safety Razor


My husband uses a safety razor similar to the picture above and swears by it! I actually wrote about it as a part of my gift suggestions for men. Shaving is so expensive and since he invested in a safety razor shaving now costs him about $10 a year! What!!!!????? I decided that I’d take a chance and try out a lady version of the safety razor.

I ordered my Edwin Jagger Lady Razor off Amazon for $40. Seems expensive but you only have to by the safety razor once. It should last you many, many years. Your lifetime even! I actually picked a slightly more expensive one too specifically to get a coloured handle so that my husband and I could tell our razors apart easily. They have plain stainless steel ones for much cheaper on Amazon.


It came with a box of 5 sample razor blades. When I finished using them up, all I have to do is buy another box of blades and that’s it! A box of blades costs $10-$15 for 100. I use 1 blade per every other shave so that I always have a fresh blade. No more razor burn for me 🙂

The head of the razor. It un-screws so you can insert a fresh blade. 
The safety razor also has a variety of colours and handle lengths. 

There are quite a few benefits to switching over to a safety razor:

  1. As mentioned – it’s much cheaper after your initial investment
  2. You cut yourself less since the blade is never dull
  3. It’s less wasteful for the eco minded person
  4. It provides a great shave!

The only drawback is if you have to shave through thick hair because let’s say you had a cesarean and couldn’t shave for several weeks… well if that’s the case you still need a multi blade razor to cut through the forest. Once you’re back to your regular shave routine then you’re good to go with the safety razor!

I also find it a bit of a pain to remember to change the razor blade. I’m going to have to try to get some sort of routine going with it…

Still, I’m really happy knowing that I’ve cut down some personal expenses and waste! Now I have an excuse to head over to Terra20 and pick up some ridiculously expensive artisan made shave cream 😉

I would highly recommend that anyone invest in a safety razor so long as you shave routinely. It feels really great to take such a mundane task and at a little class to it by investing in something that is nicer to use than those plastic razors from the drugstore.




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